We are back from the Yard, Garden and Patio show, armed with ideas, pictures, pamphlets and tons of coupons at local garden stores, and a free video on water gardening. It was a lot of fun! We had breakfast at the Doug Fir, a really fun place with a retro-classy-yet-modern-lumberjack feel, then drove over to the convention center. Time to haul out the MacDraft program DLJ got at MacWorld in January. We saw so many ways to take what we were thinking of and improve upon them. Oh, and two more things to add to the list, that we totally forgot about of required garden items this summer:

copper fire pit
table and chairs for outdoors

Luckily, these just require dollars, not labor like the others. =) All we have out there is the benches, nowhere to eat outside or have friends over and let them relax outdoors at a table or a chair with a back, other than the wooden bench. And I get cold so easy, a simple copper pit would do the trick.
I guess I should have a garden icon and a house icon.

*edit* ooooo DLJ just got my poor motorcycle running after suffering from long-winter-dead-battery syndrome. I think I need to go take a few rounds around the hood to get it all juiced up!

also in the spring/summer domestic vein

I want to have a yearly party. Something that we just do every year, rain or shine to gather friends together for a fun, relaxing afternoon and evening, hopefully indoor and outdoors. I want it to be a nice day, warmish, so I think I'm going to have a party centered around mid summer, like, the first Saturday after the summer solstice, or maybe even spring, the first Saturday after May 1. That would be a mini homage to my college, that holds it's giant booze and sofas on the green fest (Floralia) on that very day every year. I would like to party on that same day, without the loud bands, the drunken students and the random hookups all over the lawn. ;) But would it be warm enough to be outside the first weekend in May? Are my chances of rain too high? I just haven't lived here long enough to sort this out, but the first party will be this year, May or June, I guess!

Weigh in, local friends, as you will surely be invited!

3 day-er

Almost weekend time! There's lots planned for us this weekend. Valentine's Day for us is this Monday, when we will be waking up at the Edgefield, a fun hotel on the east side of Portland with all sorts of fun things. <lj user="tikimama">, we must have that drink Sunday afternoon….I should have gotten your phone info etc, at Backspace last month. Saturday is going to be busy too, as we will journey to the <A href="http://www.ygpshow.com/">Yard, Garden and Patio Show</a> to take pictures, dream and scheme. Saturday night I've got a meeting at Roxie's with an artists/writer to discuss a glass project for his book cover, a meeting that has been rescheduled a few times, let's hope this time is the charm!

I've been reading up on composting, now that we have a little black bubble of a composter in the backyard that we have to set up. It appears to be a cold composter, which works fine for me as a two-person household. I need to figure out where we put our old soil we are removing from our planter bed, and just what to do with the manure I theoretically will have dropped at my home soon. Mix with soil? Mix in compost? I have read different things in my organic gardening books. Either way, we need to get our asses to measure the bed and get down to the local rock store I drive by everyday on the way to work to price this out.

<lj-cut text="Gardening stuff under the cut">
Plans for the garden this summer (* is required):
replace raised bed border and soil, if we plan to put food plants in there*
treat deck*
large container herb garden by patio door/on the deck*
replant the planter benches, I love these things the previous owners left behind, teak with lovely square boxes on either side to hold plants!*
large water pot container, the middle-solution until stump removal, see below
remove stump from deck area:

<img src="http://www.lunesse.com/img/oregon/house2/images/DSCN4716.jpg">
Oh that picture makes me eager for spring and summer.
See right behind that wooden bench? on the leftish? The deck is cut away there, it makes a nice square where a large water feature could go, inset into the deck area. There's a stump there, in this photo there's a container of roses sitting on it, and ivy surrounding the container. The ivy is gone and the container will move elsewhere, but the stump has to go, and we don't know how far roots spread, etc. This year, at least we will research how to get it out. I know you can pour stuff on it that breaks the wood down, but that sounds pretty chemically to me….

clear heather and replace with vine-set up to grow marionberries against back fence
design solution for under the japanese maple (I want a small outdoor meditation/pondering space)
replanting along front walkway*

Hence the garden show. We will enjoy writing down ideas to work with and narrow down later.
I love my yard.

So yeah, long weekend of fun stuff. Busy, but fun. Hopefully I will get some sleeping and reading in there, and try to stay away from web stuff. When I do that too much on weekends, it doesn't feel like a weekend has happened.

voice vs vision

I make a point of not seeing who I hear in the world. Meaning I don't know, despite the fact my sister-in-law is a director on the Simpsons, what the voice actors look like. I didn't go with the rest of my friends in college to see the Animaniacs folks at the mall. And I resisted as long as I could against seeing the gifted throat of Cowboy Bebop's English Spike.

Every weekday I try to catch Marketplace on NPR on the way home. I see David Brown as some clean cut, dark blond/light blond-haired guy. His voice soothes me; when he is out on vacation, it just isn't the same without his friendly, I-can-almost-believe-I-really-know-you approachability.

For some reason I went and looked.

<a href="http://marketplace.publicradio.org/about/cast_crew/brown.html">Oh my.<a/>

The daily round

I am back from my daily walk today. It was spectacular, the clear sky, fresh air, cut grass smell hinting of Spring…one of cherry trees has the barest hint of petals on some buds. I stood holding a branch for a minute, just looking.

Eventually we will have to remove a couple of our very large trees in the backyard. I have wanted a dwarf cherry, but I'll scrap that, and vow to myself to replace the cut tree with a larger cherry, whenever that happens years down the road.

The Ultimate Frisbee folks were out, and I took a longer route to enjoy the air for just a smidge longer. Birds were divebombing, the breeze felt brisk, and everything just was so… clean. I recited my adapted mantra as I walked, not fretting when my mind wandered to the wonderfulness around me, but always returning back to it.

Screw tv, screw online games, screw cds and videos and dvds and computers and books and fanfiction and newspapers, magazines and pamphlets, and frozen fish stick dinners. Screw billable time, waiting in line at lunch, plastic utensils, cafeteria tables, fast food, sitting in a cube out of laziness, distractions, couch surfing, sitting indoors, sleeping, and endless telephone gab fests. For just ten minutes, screw it ALL.
How could you NOT take a walk on a pretty day, and take the free entertainment given to you by simply existing and walking outdoors? Given the opportunity, how could you <b>not</b>?


I haven't cleaned these yet, so excuse the dust. But I said I'd post them. They just felt "off" to me, but it was a fun new color combo for me to try.

<img src="http://www.lunesse.com/img/glass/beads/springburst.jpg">

Spring Burst

Fry's madness

I went to the post office to drop of DLJ's soap gifts for his family, and then went on to Fry's. I tried to find Myst 4 for xbox last night; I have played all the previous games, the first one on my little mac LC3 with a 1x speed cdrom drive back in '94 or '95. Alas, Fry's didn't have it. But they did have KOTOR2 for $37, and we had been waiting for the price to go down on that. Score! I got DLJ a flying game that was only $20, he likes such things. This one has lots of ww2 planes and the history buff that is DLJ will be most appreciative even if the game isn't super fly. I think he will have fun though, he liked Crimson Skies a lot.

I gots da blues.

The last of my "on" week. I like these. I made another "blue" heart, but it already has an owner, more to come for those who asked. You could always email me at juiceglass and make it formal. I'll remember better, too!

Urp. Full of Mexican food. Shower soon, and getting the reading in that didn't happen earlier. Told you so!

<img src="http://www.lunesse.com/img/glass/beads/bluerow.jpg">
Blue Row

<lj-cut text="two more under the cut">
<img src="http://www.lunesse.com/img/glass/beads/bluerowdetail.jpg">
Blue Row (detail)

<img src="http://www.lunesse.com/img/glass/beads/blueriversdetail.jpg">
Blue Rivers (detail)

off day

I knew being "on" last week wouldn't last. I could not get an even bead today!
Done early, I threw in the towel, knowing it would be a waste of glass. I think I made one good bead, and that's fine. =) I got my new Nikon 990 today in the mail to replace ol' faithful that has a battery door problem. This one is brand spankin' new and cost less than about 1/9 of the one I bought right when they came out in the late 90's/2000. I'll get some blue pics up later, when DLJ comes home with my g4. He brought it in for the boys to play with today.

I'm going to go read, but I have a suspicion it will turn into a nap.