Yay, a reader here sent me a fun online Ecard! That was so cute! Thank you for the lovely Valentine's Ecard! That little kitty had the cutest one eye when walking sideways with the balloons!

*happy warm fuzzy smile*


sunday night night

Friends are gone, kitchen is clean. I cut down more branches off the tree in front, taking advantage of the sunny, cool day.

Dinner went very well, I love these friends! This week has been good for dinner with friends, both at Oba! and here at home. This weekend I cleaned the office, starting working on the <a href=""><i>juiceglass</i></a> store, fixed the amber heart necklace, started a set of all blues, watched some TV, played some Halo2, did laundry, petted cats, and went to the gym. It was a good weekend. Next week is pretty normal, other than an all-day offsite Tuesday with my dept. at the Kennedy School. Week two of DLJ's new job. It was Thursday he suddenly realized the gravity of having an all-Mac network, in a good way. Macs were always secondary machines for him at work, now it's everything, and he can shortcut and optimize so many things for his job, easily. He's thrilled.

Time to crawl in bed with the <i>Sunset</i> magazine that showed up Saturday. Our realtor gave us a year subscription; it's fun in an eyecandy sort of way! And they do have good recipes.

Oh, and yay for Annie Lennox to win a Grammy. She keeps hitting with the movie soundtrack songs.

game, set…..done.

I think I am done with <b>Lemonade</b> and <b>Milk&Honey</b>. I kept to just the yellows for <b>Lemonade</b>, I'll do another batch with the pinks and yellows.

I dipped more mandrels last night, today I need to redo the amber heart for my friend, and I've got some other colors I want to play with…

<img src="">
<b>Milk&Honey Set</b>

<img src="">
<b>Lemonade Set Detail</b>

foggy hole

Today was again a vortex of fog around work in an otherwise blue-skied world. Lots to do before I'm out of here, rush rush, adhoc this, exception that.

Lots of geekery to be done this weekend. Work for Thomas, email with my realtor, work on my own site, bead work… I'm almost TOO busy again. Thomas' stuff, with the new 'puter, should go pretty fast.

We are having dinner with <lj user="giantfightbot"> and his lovely lady Sunday afternoon/evening; I'm still rummaging around to see what I'm going to make.

DLJ is done with his first week of work, and he's having a good time. I'm so thrilled he likes it there! It sounds like a fun, hard job, with lots of office wackiness. It sounds very Ally McBeale.


The other color scheme I'm playing with, similar but…

<img src="">

To finish off that set I think I am going to add some pinkish red, like strawberry lemonade. The glass the beads are threaded on makes it look feasible ;)

bling woman

So the woman who made the computer bling comment earlier this week?
We were standing in the security room, she was getting a new badge and another coworker and myself were there for new attachment thingies to hook it on our clothes. We were discussing drivers license photos and I noted that mine when I turned 21 was totally hot, I wanted to keep it so bad.
"And how old are you now?" she asked.
"32," I said.
"Wow," she said. "You've aged."


"No! I mean, I would have thought you were in your late 20's. You're older than I thought."

Whatever. This woman is nice, but needs to THINK more, before speaking. She often ends up sounding ditzy, if she'd just think a few seconds, it usually would be remedied. That's what this week has driven home.


It was sunny all the way to work…until I got to the road the campus is on. It's so cold the fog that is floating in the air must have frozen earlier. It looks like snow on the ground, trees, grass. It's frost but thick, white, and covering everything. How can it be sunny less than a mile away?

Glass today came out with no cracks, no suprises. But…I need to fix a necklace for a friend that has a balancing problem. A new puzzle, but I think I have it figured out, and soon her necklace won't have an amber heart that turns upsidown. And I have learned just another piece of the journey of making good glass.

This heart didn't balance wrong, and I joked that it had friction bumps, I could put them on hers and then it would stop it from turning, heheh. She says it looks like sap on the heart; my feisty coworker said it looks like pee. I didn't ask how she would be familiar with that…I should have. ;)

<img src=""><br />
Milk and Honey

Wenesday Thoughts

Busy already, as it has been the past few weeks. My newsletters for work went out, today I have more customer contest winner summaries to make. That means taking their print samples they sent in, and I scanned already, and making a collage out of them for each winner. It's pretty fun Photoshop work.

Last night I scurried home and was on the torch shortly after. Four beads came out amazingly, two pretty good, and three simple spacers were, well, simple. One of the four was cracked this morning, I didn't keep it hot enough. And it's stuck and won't come off the mandrel. But it's beautiful, I will take a photo so I can try again, then probably smash it off, if I can.

DLJ and I went out to our celebratory dinner at <a href="">Caffe Mingo</a>, sipping sparkling wine at the bar and having a delicious dinner while looking out across the lofts where the restaurant is located at the gym where we SHOULD have been on a Tuesday night. HAHAH!

We split a dessert and lingered over coffee before going home to the kitties. We installed some applications on the g4, and then I started the monumentous task of actually organizing all my photos. I'll do it right this time, dammit. That means learning iPhoto to store all the raw images, with a better organized photo directory for the crops and resizes. It's going to take awhile, but I'll do it. Then, I'll do the same with all my written documents. They are pretty slovenly grouped as well.

Maybe more beads tonight. I want to make enough of this batch to have a true set of beads, so… ten or so, for my first "set." Photoshop is still not reinstalled on the new machine, so I think the batch of updates to <A href="">juiceglass</a> will come this weekend, at the latest.

Everything is just for now, to loosely quote <i>Avenue Q</i>, and so life is good, if only just for now. But we can hope for longer!