phew. My hands are slathered in gardner's lotion

A year ago or more, Mom got me some gardner's hands lotion and scrub. We are both smelling of it tonight!

I hope the roses survive the move, but we have given them a great place to do so, if they can. It will look really nice when the grasses start to grow, we hope they all make it. One species should be a little wetter than the rest around it, if it's not happy, we can just move it into containers in the back. (this might be a good idea anyway if the New Zealand Flax grows as well as it potentially can.)

Wow. No more typing tonight after this!

<img src="">
before we did anything. the patch of stuff to the left of the walk makes pretty flowers, but we aren't into it.

<lj-cut text="and the after photos, and the roses before and after">

<img src="">
from the street. You can see one of the roses on the left of the path behind the shrub bush thingy, and two more by the front of the house on the right side of the door.

<img src="">
rows of grasses! Some should get a bit bigger, woo. Like, too big. We will have to see what to do then. They are planted way too close, but…. grow them there, move 'em around if we need to. Trade and mix! ;) We left space on the left to place one of those rough-hewn rocks that has a bowl cut in it,so that there's some water for birds, once we save up for it.

<img src="">
from the street. No more roses, to the right of the door is a small rosemary (smells goooood) and a red heavenly bamboo, which will grow 4' or so. Hard to see it now, it's so little.

<img src="">
dlj combatting the ivy last weekend. We got about 1/3 out I'd say. Funny note: his hat says "got root?" Probably not the kind they were thinking of. Behind him are leaf-covered raised mounds of dirt…

<img src="">
which are now home to eight roses Only one is left in the ground in the back, so if we destroy all the rest, we'll have one!



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