The daily round

I am back from my daily walk today. It was spectacular, the clear sky, fresh air, cut grass smell hinting of Spring…one of cherry trees has the barest hint of petals on some buds. I stood holding a branch for a minute, just looking.

Eventually we will have to remove a couple of our very large trees in the backyard. I have wanted a dwarf cherry, but I'll scrap that, and vow to myself to replace the cut tree with a larger cherry, whenever that happens years down the road.

The Ultimate Frisbee folks were out, and I took a longer route to enjoy the air for just a smidge longer. Birds were divebombing, the breeze felt brisk, and everything just was so… clean. I recited my adapted mantra as I walked, not fretting when my mind wandered to the wonderfulness around me, but always returning back to it.

Screw tv, screw online games, screw cds and videos and dvds and computers and books and fanfiction and newspapers, magazines and pamphlets, and frozen fish stick dinners. Screw billable time, waiting in line at lunch, plastic utensils, cafeteria tables, fast food, sitting in a cube out of laziness, distractions, couch surfing, sitting indoors, sleeping, and endless telephone gab fests. For just ten minutes, screw it ALL.
How could you NOT take a walk on a pretty day, and take the free entertainment given to you by simply existing and walking outdoors? Given the opportunity, how could you <b>not</b>?