voice vs vision

I make a point of not seeing who I hear in the world. Meaning I don't know, despite the fact my sister-in-law is a director on the Simpsons, what the voice actors look like. I didn't go with the rest of my friends in college to see the Animaniacs folks at the mall. And I resisted as long as I could against seeing the gifted throat of Cowboy Bebop's English Spike.

Every weekday I try to catch Marketplace on NPR on the way home. I see David Brown as some clean cut, dark blond/light blond-haired guy. His voice soothes me; when he is out on vacation, it just isn't the same without his friendly, I-can-almost-believe-I-really-know-you approachability.

For some reason I went and looked.

<a href="http://marketplace.publicradio.org/about/cast_crew/brown.html">Oh my.<a/>