walk walk walk

Wow. We left to go garden shopping at around 11:15, and didn't come back until after 4.
Armed with coupons, we hit Al's Garden Center, where we got 40% off a plant, and bought some grasses and soil. While there we realized we have become total garden nerds; Mallory Gwynn was walking around, who we'd just seen that morning on our garden show, at another store. We bad, we bad, we shop where the Gwynnster does. *snort*
From there we went on to Garden World, after finally figuring out how to get there, you can see it on I-5 just south of Wilsonville…and the final turn for the place was right near where we were zombies for that FINE film that landed me a cred on the IMDB. HAH.
At Garden World we had a coupon for one free gallon grass, or gallon sweetbox, which is a fragrant plant that offers forth both flowers and berries over the seasons. We also bought a Heavenly Red Bamboo while we were there, after making sure it wasn't going to go crazy with the runners and take over the space by the front door.
After that, Max and Hildy's, where we finally found the right kind of shovel for digging out and transplanting, plus a packet of basil seeds. I couldn't resist the calla lily bulbs, now that I have my own plot of land, I can finally grow some, and slowly make a nice clump of them. A dream years in the making. I only bought two, start small.
By the time we got home, all we did was remove one plant in the front and plot out where everything will go, putting containers down on the ground and taking a picture for tomorrow, after we remove the rosebushes from the front.
I went for a walk after dinner, peeking in all the houses 'round the neigborhood. I love doing that at night, just to see how folks decorate, etc.
Bicycle ride first, then gettin' down in the dirt.
I should have pictures by the day's end of how things turned out.
Time to go read up on transplanting roses.