We are back from the Yard, Garden and Patio show, armed with ideas, pictures, pamphlets and tons of coupons at local garden stores, and a free video on water gardening. It was a lot of fun! We had breakfast at the Doug Fir, a really fun place with a retro-classy-yet-modern-lumberjack feel, then drove over to the convention center. Time to haul out the MacDraft program DLJ got at MacWorld in January. We saw so many ways to take what we were thinking of and improve upon them. Oh, and two more things to add to the list, that we totally forgot about of required garden items this summer:

copper fire pit
table and chairs for outdoors

Luckily, these just require dollars, not labor like the others. =) All we have out there is the benches, nowhere to eat outside or have friends over and let them relax outdoors at a table or a chair with a back, other than the wooden bench. And I get cold so easy, a simple copper pit would do the trick.
I guess I should have a garden icon and a house icon.

*edit* ooooo DLJ just got my poor motorcycle running after suffering from long-winter-dead-battery syndrome. I think I need to go take a few rounds around the hood to get it all juiced up!