ring hell

Last night my ear was ringing so loud I cried. I get scared when it’s louder, afraid that it will never quiet down again. All the congestion in my head definitely doesn’t help. I put on my sound machine but I could barely here it through the ringing, and something made it sound metalic, a high note of metal behind the falling rain sounds. I shut it back off. It also sounded like rain falling on the roof, but that was in my head, too.

It’s better this morning, but I still feel like my skull and brain are replaced with a full, sloshing fishbowl. My throat hurts, which is new. But my lungs feel a little better. I think, overall, this is improvement.

Last night we watched “Garden State” and DLJ took it back. He’s been nice to my sick self, washing dishes and running small errands. I look forward to being fully productive again.

My lips are chapped. There’s work to be done. I need to call my mutual funds company. I would like my head to clear so I can do glass. Well, actually, I can do glass. Just not lampworking with my head feeling how it does. Setting up fusing, I can do, and will do tonight. I have a necklace challenge in front of me for a soon-to-be bride. I’ve pulled the colors I need and made small stringers to work with, time to start building the puzzle from the pieces.

A couple more…

…and then I’m back to bed. One day home to try to recover, it will be worth the hit in pay. Ah, the life of a contractor. Heh.

This one is a bunch of pinky colors swirled together.

As promised, my experiments. Self-hanging pendants. Not bad for a first shot.

Bed. Now.

Heart attack

Hm. Writing in lunesse.com and using rss feeds means no ljcuts! Must be a way to do something similar. Ah well, until then, only two or three photos per entry, so that I don’t hog friends lists of those nice enough to stick with me in my move to rss.

I have an assignment to make a heart necklace for a girl going on 7 in a few weeks. =) Hopefully one of these will suffice.

String o’ hearts

Pink Row

Pink Swirl (darn bubble!)

More later.

still hacking

Now I’m taking expectorants. What fun. Fluids wanting to come out everywhere. I know it makes me cough out more, but does it actually make you want to sneeze more? Maybe I’m just moving to a new stage of whatever this is.

But I’m taking it easy, resting, naps, I finished my business cards and sent off the order, moved everything out of the paid bills folder and sorted them and filed in the respective folder for each type of bill. I went to Dragavonne’s and played with the kitties, fed them and gave them fresh water. It has been raining, raining, raining! We have a small lake in our back yard near the deck. It has never rained enough to make that happen before. It’s a good thing too, we got to see how the lay of the land works with water, and now know where to go if we want to slow the water down a little, where to divert it and stuff like that.

My glasswork is cooling right now, I will have some posted before the day is out. I am working on hearts for a necklace for a little girl, hopefully one of them will be acceptable. I really love a few of them, so they will be added to the pile of “good ‘uns,” and one or two will go to work in the bead bowl. I also tried something new, which I will post no matter what the results. :)

DLJ did some organizing in the garage, and is downstairs watching TV. I will join him for the Simpsons, after that the glass should be ready to come out and be cleaned.

Holy refunds, Tax Man

Today was a day of getting things done. I am currently sitting in bed, still wanting to get things done, but taking it easy due to my hacking icky cough. I still feel fine otherwise, except maybe a little tired. I want to get my new site going but the created database isn’t taking with my host. I’m not sure why, I have never had problems before creating a database, so the customer support emails are sporadically going back and forth. But, grr. I wanted to get this party started!

Also I can complete my business cards this weekend. That is a goal. But today, yes, things were done. DLJ is downstairs ripping out the sink and things in the downstairs bathroom, starting prep to have the room retiled. We will paint before that happens, then put in the new sink and cabinet type stuff. I need to make that call to the contractors to schedule the tile installation.

Today DLJ also dropped off his poor, broken computer monitor to ship away to be fixed. It’s still under warranty, yay, so we just pay for the shipping. Which isn’t trivial, but it’s lots less than getting a new monitor. And we went to the tax man. Or shall I say, woman. DLJ has done taxes in the past, but with our house buying, job shifting, full time and contracted work, in companies in and out of Oregon, and side contract freelance jobs and things…yeah. I wouldn’t want to touch it, either.

It was worth the money, as she noted something that could be shifted around in our investments that will almost triple the refund. Score.

We had a largish late lunch after that appointment, which means dinner will be simple and light. We rented “Garden State” and “Calendar Girls,” and have “Garden State” to go, maybe tonight or tomorrow. More glass for me tomorrow as well, and finishing up the biz cards if they are not completed tonight.

Cough,cough,wheeze, hack.


Those tickets were even cheaper than we thought. It was $60 for the two $105 apiece tickets. What fun, yay to DLJ!

Work, she is busy. My lungs, they hack. I’m glad its the weekend, I really need to rest and try to knock this thing dead from the get-go. This is what I get for noticing I have yet to be sick since I started working here almost a year ago.

Your Blaaaaaaaaaaaaazer Dancers!

Last night I got home late, compared to my usual 4:15-30. A meeting ran a little late and it was around 5:45 when I dropped my bag on the kitchen table. I had forgotten my cel phone at home, which I do a lot. I know this annoys DLJ, that I forget my phone, but I like it. Communication is important, but I like that the phone does not rule me. I can leave it behind and suffer the results. DLJ had called several times; a coworker offered him two $105 seats for $100 for the pair to the Sonics/Blazers game. Basketball is the only pro sport in Portland, and we hadn’t seen a game yet. I was tired, and suspicious of a scratchy cough setting up camp in my throat (I KNOW I got it at the Dr.’s dammit. Nothing like going to where the sick people go for an annual physical, ya know?) I was tired but he wanted to go, so I put my shoes back on, made the quick drive to the Max station and took the train in. Following my friend Synthcat’s latest mindset, I looked at all in a good way. There was a lovely sunset I would have missed had I not gone, instead I had a high-rise seat in the Max train as it rose in elevation, heading east towards the city.

I met DLJ at the Rose Garden. Two weeks ago, exactly, was the first time I had ever been inside the Garden, screaming my Duranie lungs out. Suddenly I was there again, and I couldn’t help mentioning that it would be fun to be there for Duran again instead of a basketball game. Not that the game wouldn’t be fun, you see. Just…I hadn’t expected to be back in that fabulous arena again so quickly, where there were still probably some LeBon molecules lurking about.

Our seats were very nice, Row G. We were back behind the net, the side where Duran’s stage was.

Do Blazer dancers get paid? How much? They had more outfits, man. Every quarter they had something else on. And it didn’t stop with scantily dressed cheerleader types. There were the Portland TrailBREAKERS. I never thought I’d see someone spinning on their head again in my life. The 80’s really are staging a comback, aren’t they?

The game was really close. Lots of 3 point shots were made in a row, and the crowd went wild. The game wound down into the final 30 seconds before it was pretty certain the Blazers were going to lose. It made for a fantastic game to have the two teams within eight points of each other all the time.

Then it was home and to bed. Sleep. I will try to get lots of it this weekend. Sleep and liquids, and lots of vitamins. Hopefully the throat demon will decide there’s other esophagus out there in the sea.

Morning brew

The coffee is going, drip drip. Electricians descended sometime yesterday and dismantled part of the light directly in front of my face when I sit here in my new space. They moved us a week ago. It’s fine over here, still loud, but no humming/diet maven/personal call annoyances so far. So I’m happy. I need to fiddle with my keyboard adjustments and all, but mostly, it was a good move.

At home, I am starting to burn a lot of my CD’s to audio files. When I am done with the ones I like, but don’t love, I want DLJ to go through them and make sure he doesn’t want them, then I will sell them to a used music store. Freeing up shelf space, reducing clutter.

Last night I made a giant batch of spaghetti with sauce, using stuff from the veggie box. It was a combination of mushrooms, squash, parsnips, garlic, onions, and leftover chicken with tomatoes, bottled sauce, and spices. DLJ liked it a lot. Since it was thrown together I’m not sure I can make it quite the same again!

My parents just called on their way home from Nevada, where they went for a short two day trip. They gambled a little and say the wildflowers are great this year. Someone’s getting rain! It has been raining here, finally, but the governor is still talking about declaring statewide drought in the next few weeks. Ah rain, I will take it everytime it falls for us.

Today is a push day at work, meaning I have stuff going live on the server, so I had best get to getting that process started.

Rain walker

DLJ and I walked to the grocery tonight, the clouds half-covering the sky while stars and the moon peeped out now and then. It had rained off and on all day…and the worms were happy.

Mom doesn’t believe me about the worms. They stretch, stretch, stretch out on the cool pavement. I took photos of ones that seemed to be close to reaching a foot in length to prove it to her. I’m sure that will be some fun times, showing her photos of worms.

We got milk, toothpaste and DLJ got some cookies, which I told him to hide from me. I don’t want the stuff around. I can’t stop him from eating it, but if I don’t know where it is, it makes it less easy for me to take a cookie or two. I won’t bother hunting, just having them hidden is enough.

I have been sleeping really well. I have been eating ok. I have not been meditating as I should. Need to work on that. I also have to make sure we have all documents for the tax man this Saturday. And my other goal this weekend is to finish and send off my business cards. And maybe finish Thomas’ flash radio piece. And get in the studio…and…and…and…

Wow, 10:18 already. I need to take my shower and hop in bed. I’m reading a neat book, “Acquainted with the Night.” It follows the night hours, one hour per chapter, through the book. I’m at 9 p.m. right now, and he’s catching the way night felt as a child perfectly. I’d quote it if I wasn’t so lazy that I’m not getting up off my duff to go fetch it to quote. Maybe tomorrow.


Like I don’t already have tons to do. I did webby gunk all week! What am I doing, doing it now?

Gotta go get all the images right, too. Ah well, it’s started, anyway!