Our new friends we met at the Duran concert sent us their photos today, I just waded through them. Yay! They got some great shots later in the show, so even though we weren't taking pictures of Simon in the 1978 shirt, we have some for our memories!

Last night <lj user="synthcat"> came over to watch the silliness that is Duran's "Arena" video. It's concert footage from the classic 1984 tour, but spliced in with "plot" with Barbarella's nemesis, Milo O' Shea. HE must have really been hurting for work. Plus three midgets and lots of women hanging upsidown in lingerie.
The "making of" section was pretty fun though.


It was fun to just sit and talk about the show last week and hang out. DLJ wandered in and out.
Tonight I'm going to meet with a client about a site (was scheduled last week but got delayed), and maybe fire the glass into a bowl. The blank bubbled up on me, when I saw it this morning. I let the kiln wash dry for two days before firing, so the bubble result is unexpected. We will see what happens when it slumps. I'll try another this weekend, maybe. I'm determined to get one right.

Off to work. I am moving today to a new location, so almost everything is packed up.