Good weekend

It started with my going into the city Friday to see DLJ's office and have dinner. On the way there, <a href="">Thomas</a> and I text messaged back and forth a little. I don't do text messaging that much, I guess it is where I have become "old." So I messaged him that "I am the schiznit." It took me a couple minutes; I am sure some lightning fast 13-year-old would have had it done in ten seconds. Somehow I missed his voice call during dinner, so he left a message. I have yet to call back, I am a bad long distance friend.

Dinner was tasty, and started the weekend right. Saturday we woke up and DLJ made pancakes and coffee, and we munched on breakfast before going to the member tour at the Japanese Garden. We learned lots about the place we hadn't known before, giggled at the ornery member who kept being "very upset" and "critically unhappy" about certain things that weren't authentic and aesthetically pleasing enough. He'd never been to Japan, by the way. Two, he wore sweat pants tucked into tube socks. Aesthetics. Dude.

I saw one of my glass teachers there wandering the grounds, she complimented me on my blue heart necklace. =)
We wandered around 23rd street after that, a quick bite at a deli and then a stop at a gardening store on the way home to get some mulch and a few plants for containers. Hyacinths were on fat sale, yay.

I planted those when we got home, before the sun faded.

Today we walked all over with friends at the SE Artwalk, but more about that later. I am making cupcakes and must go check on them.