Holy refunds, Tax Man

Today was a day of getting things done. I am currently sitting in bed, still wanting to get things done, but taking it easy due to my hacking icky cough. I still feel fine otherwise, except maybe a little tired. I want to get my new site going but the created database isn’t taking with my host. I’m not sure why, I have never had problems before creating a database, so the customer support emails are sporadically going back and forth. But, grr. I wanted to get this party started!

Also I can complete my business cards this weekend. That is a goal. But today, yes, things were done. DLJ is downstairs ripping out the sink and things in the downstairs bathroom, starting prep to have the room retiled. We will paint before that happens, then put in the new sink and cabinet type stuff. I need to make that call to the contractors to schedule the tile installation.

Today DLJ also dropped off his poor, broken computer monitor to ship away to be fixed. It’s still under warranty, yay, so we just pay for the shipping. Which isn’t trivial, but it’s lots less than getting a new monitor. And we went to the tax man. Or shall I say, woman. DLJ has done taxes in the past, but with our house buying, job shifting, full time and contracted work, in companies in and out of Oregon, and side contract freelance jobs and things…yeah. I wouldn’t want to touch it, either.

It was worth the money, as she noted something that could be shifted around in our investments that will almost triple the refund. Score.

We had a largish late lunch after that appointment, which means dinner will be simple and light. We rented “Garden State” and “Calendar Girls,” and have “Garden State” to go, maybe tonight or tomorrow. More glass for me tomorrow as well, and finishing up the biz cards if they are not completed tonight.

Cough,cough,wheeze, hack.

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