I smell like a Cobbey.

I just went to a very fun party, by myself. DLJ and I today ripped out heather plants, picked up a pickup truck, went into Portland and picked up our two rainbarrels, pushed the stinky, cat-ified couch and lots of wood and yard debris into the back, went to the dump, unloaded everything came back, received a huge load of horseshit and hopefully also made a new friend (thank you <lj user="mrcarparts">!!!), and spread mulch and manure around the roses and the front walk with grasses, and started aerating the area where the heather was to add manure to to start getting ready for the marionberry vine…collectively. And not all in that order… He was tired, I was tired, but I wanted to go out. It's fun to go out alone sometimes.

Now I am back, and tired, freshly showered and ready for reading and bed. The living room smells great without the couch already. Sad, it was a nice couch. It will be awhile before we get another. I still have my eyes on those sustainable hardwoods chairs…again, it will be awhile.

What a fabulous party, with yummy vegan food (the potato salad was SO good). I met some nice folks that I hope to see again. Thanks, <lj user="splitpeasoup">! I think me and the cute dog hit it off (the cats have been smelling me ever since I got home, even DLJ said "dog!"