I used to have a good journal

What killed it:

The Blog (spam! Make the spammers stop commenting and lunesse.com will come back to life)
Turning 30 (I can't think of a good reason why I stopped the purple entries. What happened? I have no idea)
Somehow thinking everyday stuff is boring.
The Book (It sucked the writing out of me as writing's focus and the journal never recovered. It's not bad I focused on it while I was writing, but…)
Getting Married (It shouldn't matter but it did somehow. Remember when I was dating fourteen men at once, at various stages of dinner/making out/Saturday outings?)in the Fall/Winter of 97/98? That was so freaking cool!
Hobbies (they eat up time. I didn't have a hobby during my journaling stint until 1998…when I started bellydancing. Fooosh, the journal got sporadic and boring. Glass will not help here)

There's probably more. I have to get better. I really do. I used to be interesting.