ring hell

Last night my ear was ringing so loud I cried. I get scared when it’s louder, afraid that it will never quiet down again. All the congestion in my head definitely doesn’t help. I put on my sound machine but I could barely here it through the ringing, and something made it sound metalic, a high note of metal behind the falling rain sounds. I shut it back off. It also sounded like rain falling on the roof, but that was in my head, too.

It’s better this morning, but I still feel like my skull and brain are replaced with a full, sloshing fishbowl. My throat hurts, which is new. But my lungs feel a little better. I think, overall, this is improvement.

Last night we watched “Garden State” and DLJ took it back. He’s been nice to my sick self, washing dishes and running small errands. I look forward to being fully productive again.

My lips are chapped. There’s work to be done. I need to call my mutual funds company. I would like my head to clear so I can do glass. Well, actually, I can do glass. Just not lampworking with my head feeling how it does. Setting up fusing, I can do, and will do tonight. I have a necklace challenge in front of me for a soon-to-be bride. I’ve pulled the colors I need and made small stringers to work with, time to start building the puzzle from the pieces.

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