Morning brew

The coffee is going, drip drip. Electricians descended sometime yesterday and dismantled part of the light directly in front of my face when I sit here in my new space. They moved us a week ago. It’s fine over here, still loud, but no humming/diet maven/personal call annoyances so far. So I’m happy. I need to fiddle with my keyboard adjustments and all, but mostly, it was a good move.

At home, I am starting to burn a lot of my CD’s to audio files. When I am done with the ones I like, but don’t love, I want DLJ to go through them and make sure he doesn’t want them, then I will sell them to a used music store. Freeing up shelf space, reducing clutter.

Last night I made a giant batch of spaghetti with sauce, using stuff from the veggie box. It was a combination of mushrooms, squash, parsnips, garlic, onions, and leftover chicken with tomatoes, bottled sauce, and spices. DLJ liked it a lot. Since it was thrown together I’m not sure I can make it quite the same again!

My parents just called on their way home from Nevada, where they went for a short two day trip. They gambled a little and say the wildflowers are great this year. Someone’s getting rain! It has been raining here, finally, but the governor is still talking about declaring statewide drought in the next few weeks. Ah rain, I will take it everytime it falls for us.

Today is a push day at work, meaning I have stuff going live on the server, so I had best get to getting that process started.

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