I don't know what it is about this job…

But I constantly feel I turn myself into a ditz in front of the IT team. I just went to a meeting that always was at 10, but switched to 11, but I forgot. Then I sent email asking where everyone was.

DER! At least this time I am sort of redeemed, the Outlook calendar still has it at 10, for me, meaning I never got invited to the updated time.

I never do this in MY dept. Only with the geeks.

They must think I am such an idiot artist. I can code dammit! Sorta! ;)

Finally got some more shrunk down….

Synthcat, I still owe you the really large Nick and Simon, sorry!

I managed to get a few more photos resized this weekend from the Portland show, they are really big.

All our shots weren't great, I included a pretty funny one of Simon last…just because. And John just wouldn't hold still! ;)

DUH DUH Pbnthththththttht! ;)

I smell like a Cobbey.

I just went to a very fun party, by myself. DLJ and I today ripped out heather plants, picked up a pickup truck, went into Portland and picked up our two rainbarrels, pushed the stinky, cat-ified couch and lots of wood and yard debris into the back, went to the dump, unloaded everything came back, received a huge load of horseshit and hopefully also made a new friend (thank you <lj user="mrcarparts">!!!), and spread mulch and manure around the roses and the front walk with grasses, and started aerating the area where the heather was to add manure to to start getting ready for the marionberry vine…collectively. And not all in that order… He was tired, I was tired, but I wanted to go out. It's fun to go out alone sometimes.

Now I am back, and tired, freshly showered and ready for reading and bed. The living room smells great without the couch already. Sad, it was a nice couch. It will be awhile before we get another. I still have my eyes on those sustainable hardwoods chairs…again, it will be awhile.

What a fabulous party, with yummy vegan food (the potato salad was SO good). I met some nice folks that I hope to see again. Thanks, <lj user="splitpeasoup">! I think me and the cute dog hit it off (the cats have been smelling me ever since I got home, even DLJ said "dog!"


You ever see the old Duran videos, the shots of the women crying in the audience? I thought for sure that was going to happen to me. It did. Not last night, but finally, about ten minutes ago. I was outside yanking up roots and things listening to "What Happens Tomorrow" and Andy played through his instrumental and when they went into the final round of the chorus, the tears just started. To the best of my knowledge, I have bucked this Duranie trend of Duran-related crying until now. I was pretty loaded at a couple shows, but I'm pretty sure there were no tears amongst the happness and t-shirt stripping (yeah, I've filled THAT cliche, too).

Go fig. Happiness, release, joy, exhaustion, wonder, you got me. Probably all of that. It was the music. And I suppose it was the guys. Too many years of wishing I'd seen all five but I had been too young. Not in an ohmigod they are celebrities way…just…whatever that relationship is between a band and a musical fan. Especially when it's a band that used to have an answering machine phone line where they'd leave messages every now and then when they felt like it, just rambling about what was going on in case anyone felt like calling.

God, I'm lucky to be a Duranie. Go ahead and think I'm a dork. ;)

here's the rest for today

I only shrank a few, no editing yet, they all need cleanup, levels balancing, cropping, etc. Enjoy! The one of Nick and Simon is so cute!

I'll write up my thoughts a little later, work calls. What a Friday though, I am so happy and it's nice out and all is right with my world today.

1:58 p.m.

Is when I finally turned on ITunes and started up the Duran. And lost most of my sense of composure about all this. I'm sure tomorrow I will be feeling the "over the hump" postpartum. It was an over 20-year carrying to this night, afterall. But if it happened everyday, then it wouldn't be so wonderful, would it.

I'm in…Medazzaland. See you on the flip side.

ps. BritGeek, I wandered through my old concert tix last night. Sacramento was 1997, Medazzaland tour, Concord was 1999. Great America was the summer of 2000.


Tickets have been switched around. Wow, Ticketmaster came through for once! The seats are in the same row, even, cool.

Now we have tickets for the Dead Can Dance Sept. 17th show in Seattle. Yay! Hopefully we can drive up Friday evening or Sat. morning, and hang out with friends on both sides of the show, Saturday and Sunday! =) I am so excited on all fronts! Friends and DCD!

The Saturday dance

Mostly for <lj user="mrcarparts">. Saturday, DLJ drops his on the fritz monitor off at UPS or FedEx or whatever to ship it to be fixed. Somewhere between 10-12 am, we go collect our rainbarrels from the PortlandRandBarrels guy. After that, we are home all day. You have my cel. We will work it out. Got a beer you like? ;)

So, before 10, or after 12, dude. Um, wood…. dunno? A bunch? I have no concept on wood here. Whatever you grab will be fine, it's just a copper pit and several uses throughout the summer would be nice, but we won't be out there every night. Um…..

Also, heather people, this schedule goes for you as well. Anytime after noon should be fine, but call me on cel beforehand just to make sure. =)