Rain walker

DLJ and I walked to the grocery tonight, the clouds half-covering the sky while stars and the moon peeped out now and then. It had rained off and on all day…and the worms were happy.

Mom doesn’t believe me about the worms. They stretch, stretch, stretch out on the cool pavement. I took photos of ones that seemed to be close to reaching a foot in length to prove it to her. I’m sure that will be some fun times, showing her photos of worms.

We got milk, toothpaste and DLJ got some cookies, which I told him to hide from me. I don’t want the stuff around. I can’t stop him from eating it, but if I don’t know where it is, it makes it less easy for me to take a cookie or two. I won’t bother hunting, just having them hidden is enough.

I have been sleeping really well. I have been eating ok. I have not been meditating as I should. Need to work on that. I also have to make sure we have all documents for the tax man this Saturday. And my other goal this weekend is to finish and send off my business cards. And maybe finish Thomas’ flash radio piece. And get in the studio…and…and…and…

Wow, 10:18 already. I need to take my shower and hop in bed. I’m reading a neat book, “Acquainted with the Night.” It follows the night hours, one hour per chapter, through the book. I’m at 9 p.m. right now, and he’s catching the way night felt as a child perfectly. I’d quote it if I wasn’t so lazy that I’m not getting up off my duff to go fetch it to quote. Maybe tomorrow.

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