So what did I do?

I went home and went outside and dug seedlings out from the deck. Mom suggested boiling water, I might try that to see if it helps, but I still want to get the fall debris out. I took my time and watched the yard as I worked, squirrels running around, the cats sniffing around the grass, the birds. I wonder when the bats will start flying again. I cleaned out the slats on the teak benches as well. I did about 1/4 of the deck and then swept it clean where I had been. Much better. I then went in the studio and laid out a dish, and painted the kilnwash on the mold and the shelf. Tonight I will fire the blank, the pattern, and Wednesday I will fire the mold. Oh, for a larger kiln so I could do more than one! Ah, soon enough, that will come.

Once I had the dish laid out (plus a few pendants to sprinkle around the sides of the shelf, I went back inside, checked some email, and talked to Dad on the phone for awhile. There's a possibility we would be in Tokyo when they are planning to be on a cruise they are taking this Fall, which starts in Tokyo. It might be worth scheduling so that that happens, but it will depends on the price differences between Sept. and Oct. on airfare. I then went to a friend's house to check out his new motorcycle he had just brought home. His first was too small for him, so I was not surprised that he had to upgrade. From there, on to a Italian family restaurant, where I sat happily with my book and slurped whole wheat spaghetti with sauce. Wow, they really can do the whole wheat excellently! They cook it better than I do. This place has HUGE portions (I had what had to be the equivalent of an entire box of spaghetti on my plate) so I only ate about a third of it, had the rest boxed up and left. I love eating out alone! My book was good and I think folks always feel bad for you, so they are super nice. I didn't have to try to hold up a conversation, just read and eat.

After that I went BACK to the friend's house to talk to his future brother-in-law, who has a finishing nail gun I'm interested in borrowing. His sister was there too, and after the nail gun conversation was done, we just hung out and talked for awhile. Then it was home to a little bit of Xbox, and then sitting in bed with Ankimo and the g4, chatting with DLJ over iChat before bed.

I slept wonderfully, and dreamed of rainclouds. We really need them here!

Time for some decaf coffee, then work.