still hacking

Now I’m taking expectorants. What fun. Fluids wanting to come out everywhere. I know it makes me cough out more, but does it actually make you want to sneeze more? Maybe I’m just moving to a new stage of whatever this is.

But I’m taking it easy, resting, naps, I finished my business cards and sent off the order, moved everything out of the paid bills folder and sorted them and filed in the respective folder for each type of bill. I went to Dragavonne’s and played with the kitties, fed them and gave them fresh water. It has been raining, raining, raining! We have a small lake in our back yard near the deck. It has never rained enough to make that happen before. It’s a good thing too, we got to see how the lay of the land works with water, and now know where to go if we want to slow the water down a little, where to divert it and stuff like that.

My glasswork is cooling right now, I will have some posted before the day is out. I am working on hearts for a necklace for a little girl, hopefully one of them will be acceptable. I really love a few of them, so they will be added to the pile of “good ‘uns,” and one or two will go to work in the bead bowl. I also tried something new, which I will post no matter what the results. :)

DLJ did some organizing in the garage, and is downstairs watching TV. I will join him for the Simpsons, after that the glass should be ready to come out and be cleaned.

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