Sunny rounds

Lots of clashing viewpoints and inputs today. The brightness of the sun. The sharp tang of chill in the air. The sweetness of the birds. The post-9/11 thoughts of Duran's "Point of No Return."

Today is a push day, stuff of mine going up live. It used to be Tuesdays and Thursdays but I changed that; it was a good change though it starts the week with mild pressure to get stuff QA'd and up without a hitch. On the other hand it's done by 2:30 pm, and the bulk of the week is development time until Thursday.

Lunch was a small salad with peas, walnuts, shredded cheese and red wine vinegar. I might have fruit salad later.

Last night I laid out 5 pendants, 2 more tonight then I will pop it in to cook for the night. Hopefully I can get that started soon as I get home, meaning a little time outside in the magic hour on the deck, before dinner. DLJ made a great Italian sausage soup on Saturday with the parnips, carrots and onions from our veggie box, and there's so much leftover, half is already frozen for later.

I have nothing of depth to say. Deep things are all circling like seagulls, but they will remain only in the airspace of my head for now.