The Saturday dance

Mostly for <lj user="mrcarparts">. Saturday, DLJ drops his on the fritz monitor off at UPS or FedEx or whatever to ship it to be fixed. Somewhere between 10-12 am, we go collect our rainbarrels from the PortlandRandBarrels guy. After that, we are home all day. You have my cel. We will work it out. Got a beer you like? ;)

So, before 10, or after 12, dude. Um, wood…. dunno? A bunch? I have no concept on wood here. Whatever you grab will be fine, it's just a copper pit and several uses throughout the summer would be nice, but we won't be out there every night. Um…..

Also, heather people, this schedule goes for you as well. Anytime after noon should be fine, but call me on cel beforehand just to make sure. =)