You ever see the old Duran videos, the shots of the women crying in the audience? I thought for sure that was going to happen to me. It did. Not last night, but finally, about ten minutes ago. I was outside yanking up roots and things listening to "What Happens Tomorrow" and Andy played through his instrumental and when they went into the final round of the chorus, the tears just started. To the best of my knowledge, I have bucked this Duranie trend of Duran-related crying until now. I was pretty loaded at a couple shows, but I'm pretty sure there were no tears amongst the happness and t-shirt stripping (yeah, I've filled THAT cliche, too).

Go fig. Happiness, release, joy, exhaustion, wonder, you got me. Probably all of that. It was the music. And I suppose it was the guys. Too many years of wishing I'd seen all five but I had been too young. Not in an ohmigod they are celebrities way…just…whatever that relationship is between a band and a musical fan. Especially when it's a band that used to have an answering machine phone line where they'd leave messages every now and then when they felt like it, just rambling about what was going on in case anyone felt like calling.

God, I'm lucky to be a Duranie. Go ahead and think I'm a dork. ;)

One thought on “Typical

  1. Uh, is that spam up there?! Anyway, Dolby’s music makes me cry
    regularly (some of his songs are just so beautiful), so no shame in
    tearing up over music that just touches you. I confess that I’ve never
    heard “What Happens Tomorrow”, but that doesn’t matter, as it’s
    individual perceptions that count. :D

    Yup, I’m branching out in terms of blog-comments…I’m shy, actually…

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