Weekend is already busy! Don't panic!

So much to do this weekend. I want to get in the studio, there's also, according to good ol' <lj user="synthcat"> An east side art walk this weekend (and I REALLY want to do that AND maybe do it with him, it's been too long), plus a members' walk at the Japanese Garden we were intending to go to Saturday afternoon…maybe we could do that then meet up with <lj user="synthcat"> after, if he wanted, or just roam around the art walk ourselves. But I also want to plant some of our spring bulbs in the containers, the extra rosemary plants need to be moved…
Too much good stuff to do!

The sun is out again, and I want more rain!

It's time to start watching the front door for delivery of our copper fire pot and composting crock for the kitchen. This Thursday should be our first delivery of our organic box, as well. I am SO happy to be doing that again, we haven't gotten an Organic box since we moved to Oregon. Yay for fresh, organic food from local farmers!

It was also good to hear yesterday that Tillamook does indeed buy all its milk from family farms. We've been buying only Tillamook cheese and flavored yogurt since moving here, maybe we can move to the milk, too.

To work, to work!