wine and weeds

last night I fired eight pendants, 3 came out excellent, 1 was a bomb, 2 were "ok" but not good enough for anyone else, and the other two were fine. I need to do some research on wire. Sometimes it behaves how I want, or, rather, the glass behaves around it how I want, others, not so much. I brought in my pieces and I will visit the local glass guru here at work, who has become a friend, and see if she has any experience and knowledge to dispense.

Yesterday was the first day it was colder in my studio than outside. This will be great all spring, summer and early fall. After things were cookin' I fetched a bottle of merlot and a red wine glass, opened it and sat in the back yard watching the clouds from my bench.

After awhile I got up and moved to the front yard. The maple in front dropped lots of whirlybirds last fall, there were over twenty seedlings poking up out of the ground under the tree and next to the driveway. Wineglass in one hand, I pulled weeds with the other. Ah.

Knights of the Old Republic is enjoyable, but being bad is so hard! I could have retrieved an old droid but instead I just had its memory core ripped out, in true bad-girl fashion, saving me money, who cares, it's just a droid. My droid in my group was unhappy that I lobotomized a fellow droid, It made sad noises at my decision. My heart hurt! I want to see the evil outcomes, to enjoy all of this game, but I hate being bad when they make it hard! I don't have to do anything I don't want to, but….I do want to see what happens when bad. Human interactions never bother me, it's always the droids and aliens. I have started a good character to retreat to when it gets to me too much.