Your Blaaaaaaaaaaaaazer Dancers!

Last night I got home late, compared to my usual 4:15-30. A meeting ran a little late and it was around 5:45 when I dropped my bag on the kitchen table. I had forgotten my cel phone at home, which I do a lot. I know this annoys DLJ, that I forget my phone, but I like it. Communication is important, but I like that the phone does not rule me. I can leave it behind and suffer the results. DLJ had called several times; a coworker offered him two $105 seats for $100 for the pair to the Sonics/Blazers game. Basketball is the only pro sport in Portland, and we hadn’t seen a game yet. I was tired, and suspicious of a scratchy cough setting up camp in my throat (I KNOW I got it at the Dr.’s dammit. Nothing like going to where the sick people go for an annual physical, ya know?) I was tired but he wanted to go, so I put my shoes back on, made the quick drive to the Max station and took the train in. Following my friend Synthcat’s latest mindset, I looked at all in a good way. There was a lovely sunset I would have missed had I not gone, instead I had a high-rise seat in the Max train as it rose in elevation, heading east towards the city.

I met DLJ at the Rose Garden. Two weeks ago, exactly, was the first time I had ever been inside the Garden, screaming my Duranie lungs out. Suddenly I was there again, and I couldn’t help mentioning that it would be fun to be there for Duran again instead of a basketball game. Not that the game wouldn’t be fun, you see. Just…I hadn’t expected to be back in that fabulous arena again so quickly, where there were still probably some LeBon molecules lurking about.

Our seats were very nice, Row G. We were back behind the net, the side where Duran’s stage was.

Do Blazer dancers get paid? How much? They had more outfits, man. Every quarter they had something else on. And it didn’t stop with scantily dressed cheerleader types. There were the Portland TrailBREAKERS. I never thought I’d see someone spinning on their head again in my life. The 80’s really are staging a comback, aren’t they?

The game was really close. Lots of 3 point shots were made in a row, and the crowd went wild. The game wound down into the final 30 seconds before it was pretty certain the Blazers were going to lose. It made for a fantastic game to have the two teams within eight points of each other all the time.

Then it was home and to bed. Sleep. I will try to get lots of it this weekend. Sleep and liquids, and lots of vitamins. Hopefully the throat demon will decide there’s other esophagus out there in the sea.

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