Jewelry saturday

I turned kaffe latte into a bracelet. SoulfulSpirit’s help really came in handy when I got to making the final crimp. Mmmm. Maybe it really is this good. but the photo really makes it pop!

I want to get into the studio today, but we are going out with friends later to see a movie and have dinner, so I think I will wait until tomorrow when I can be sure I will be home while the kiln is on.


Sitting at home, waiting for the contractors to show up. I will be here in the morning, DLJ in the afternoon.

More later…but for now…I succeeded! I love this. If the buyer doesn’t want it, I’ll wear it!

red heart necklace

Good luck me getting the red to not burn again…. ;)


The sun is out today. It will be nice on my daily walk. DLJ and took a nice walk last night through a neighborhood we had walked through before on a dark and rainy night. It’s very forest of Endor. Lots of huge trees, snug, cozy, but so very DARK. I love visiting and walking through it, but so many of the homes get only shade most of the day…a great place to visit and relax, but not stay.

I really hope Christmas is at our place this year. I am traveled out, and I haven’t gone anywhere yet. I like travel but not a lot. A big trip a year, max and I’m good. I love local travel, and this year there’s CT, NYC, Japan, and a resort down in Southern CA at Thanksgiving. So I really hope we can stay home for Christmas. But we might end up in the Bay Area. Too much!

Speaking of Japan, I had a small side-job offered to me a few days ago that has to do with Japan, and I am going to give it a test run. It requires very little work on my part, and nets a small chunk o’ change for that minimal work. If the first try goes smooth, I’ll keep it up, and hopefully it will grow over time. It sounds so shady! But it’s not. I’m just helping out a friend and his family far away, and in thanks they cut me 10% plus cover all expenses involved. I’ll get to meet them all this September, which will make the trip all the more interesting.

Too much travel.

The contractors called for the bathroom work, I will call them back and schedule the day today. DLJ and I might split babysitting the contractors, one half day each. I’m looking forward to it being completed, then we can go peruse the land for a new pedestal sink and fixtures.

This week gets busier as time progresses. Gym tonight, working on websites tomorrow, gym and beading with a friend on Thursday. Saturday is the Japanese plant sale at the Japanese Garden, and the member’s only hour before the public can go to the sale is the hour before our tour of the garden’s stone lanterns that we signed up for. And we have to put the front shocks on the car to match the rear ones we did on Sunday.

I still need to slow down. Less stuff. More time to do stuff with DLJ when I am home. I love our walks, as long as we do those regularly, then I’m happy. I have always loved walking, and we have so many nice pockets and streets and hiking trails right around us, walkable from home or a short drive, if we want to hike waterfalls and stuff…I am so glad he enjoys it, too. When I ask him he almost never says no.

I chucked out a huge slug today. 3″. Bleah!

working weekend.

We did a lot of work.
Sunday afternoon I messed with my favorite part of the front lawn.

I trimmed back some of the ground cover and fretted over moss. Moss is growing and choking those shrubs. I don’t know if it’s too late to do anything, or not. But the moss looks lovely on a rock to the left of the weeping spruce type thing. I love that berm with the spruce thing and the japanese maple. Our large Japanese maple in the back will be perfect to sit under when that corner gets developed. But this little section of goodness is so nice to watch in the afternoon, so I am trimming it how I want it to be.

While at Home Depot getting our stone installation paid for and signed off on, we got the items to build our vine trellis in the back far corner. If there’s good weather next weekend, that will be one more completed backyard item. Mmm. Marionberries.

We also put new rear shocks on DLJ’s car. It was dirty work, and DLJ dropped a wrench on his lip and cut it, poor guy. But dirty as it was, I liked working on a car project with him. Now we just have the front shocks to go.

We painted the bathroom a very pale creamy yellow color, it’s really ready for that installation now.

I made beads three times, and sent out a necklace to a customer. I need to get some more work done on my store, it’s all hooked up with the USPS and UPS stuff now, but has design issues on pages other than the front. It’s just boring cut and paste work, and that is why I need to do it. I need to make beads for my single beads sales as well, and photograph them.

Busy enough weekend? At least we had leftover nummy pulled pork for dinner Saturday. I didn’t get to go collect that whiteboard. Saturday was the day but I never got ok’d to come over, and Sunday was silent as well. Hopefully this week it will come together.

I also picked and squashed slugs. Ew!


I’ve been having hell time with the red glass all weekend. Cook it once, red. Add more, brown. Gah. I have to be able to recook it for making hearts. I made a GORGEOUS encased red that I will post later, and of course, it only went in and out of the flame once.

But this little guy made up for the red frustration:

1.3 cm

We have ordered our Papa Murphy’s pizza. We painted the downstairs bathroom today, and made the payment to Home Depot for the lineoleum removal and natural stone tile installation. With some gift cards we got, plus 10% off, it cost about 60% of full price. We also are going to do the sealing ourselves, instead of paying someone else to stand around and watch it dry.
All the sealants I see seem toxic, or at least somewhat bad for you. Maybe there aren’t any alternatives for natural stone. Anyone know of any?

Busy Thursday

Yesterday afternoon and evening was peppered with things to do, in a lazy, domestic way. I came home to a house smelling yummy. I should use that crock pot more. I don’t like cooking with pre-made ingredients, so the crock pot is not always easy for me to use. I don’t want to dump soup mix in there, or a bunch of barbeque sauce. That’s why I tried the pulled pork recipe, the only “pre” thing in it was a can of crushed tomatoes. Other than that, some spices, molasses, meat, brown sugar. Much better than a can of cream of mushroom, you know?

I should take the time to look through the crock pot community for things that have scratch ingredients, and make my own little stockpile of recipes I can use.

I made some cookies for a friend, who I will see Saturday, I think. Sugar and chocolate chip. I picked DLJ up from the train station and we came home and had dinner pretty shortly after that. Mmmm. That recipe is definitely a keeper. After that, we went for a walk in the twilight, looking at all the flowers. I love our neighborhood. Almost everyone keeps a wonderful yard, all different but all loved. Trees are still blooming, a month later. Everyone has so many different species of plants and trees that the color keeps on coming for weeks.

When we got home I dipped my mandrels and stated that it was nice out, we should try out the copper fire pit, which we did. Our wood was a little damp, so it ended up smoking out in the end instead of burning all the way down, but it was nice wood, sweet smelling and good. The rest we will store inside the garage to keep it dry for future use.

I worked some on some sites, packed up a necklace to go, and read my book Blue Highways for awhile.

This weekend is busy. Researching some things, maybe helping a friend move. Dragavonne is coming over for dinner tonight, I already had chicken curry planned since our veggie box arrived yesterday. Visiting MrCarparts is also on the agenda, so I can give him the cookies and check out the whiteboard. I have some glasswork to do this weekend, cleaning, some work on two websites for clients, and I want to go get my library card. A good list, I think.

instead of starting the coffee

I’m doing this. Dropped DLJ’s car off at the repair shop today. Part of me wants them to give us this outrageous quote so we can say screw it, sell it, get a used truck. We will have to do it eventually. It still doesn’t pass smog here in OR, and they will finally fix that. Something else went wrong with it this week, so that will get a separate estimate. I hope it’s really cheap or outrageous.

I took two more ganesh pendants out of the kiln this morning. So now I just need to make the finished necklaces for the wedding couple, and the other has a use as well for a little Chinese glass auction thing I’ve gotten embroiled in. Tonight I will dip the mandrels for more beads; I won’t have time tomorrow but Friday I will make some more hearts (my red keeps burning, ooo!) and spacer beads. One more blue heart necklace to go, but then I have some other stuff to start building.

We didn’t get our asses in dinner gear fast enough to go to look at the whiteboard, so that will happen on Thursday, now. This weekend I will grudgingly remove the last of the wallpaper in the guest room. I said I wouldn’t do it, but it’s still not done, and I will not have that room sitting incomplete for over a year. So I’ll just do it, already, and then maybe finish painting it next weekend.

This weekend I will research how to build the wire trellis on the fence, as well. Always lots to do, these days.

I just swapped my Duran box set (86-95) with someone for the 81-85 one, now we both have tons of Duran to listen to at work. I have most of these songs on vinyl, but it’s nice to have a clean digital copy without having to haul out a record player to record them. Sweet.

Here’s a weird one from awhile back, still not cleaned. It’s just odd.

Amber Doohickey

Tonight we are going over to mrcarparts’ house, perhaps, to look into a dry erase board he found in his garage. It would be nice to see him again.

I registered for my college reunion, now I just have the plane tix to get this week or next.
We have to get a decent chair for downstairs. DLJ hurt his back twice now by sitting on the floor and having something go so wonky he couldn’t get up without help. It’s an expense we will just have to take care of sooner rather than later, sooner meaning pronto. His friend from his old job started up a furniture store, as long as we can find something that tries to knock out nasty chemicals and offgassing through him, I’d like to buy from him and support his business.

It’s raining again today. The rain is goooooood. I’d like to use some of our rainbarrel water to keep it moving, but there’s just not a need! Next garden project is to create the trellis for the vines to grow. The fence is sturdy and we could just do a wire one along it. DLJ is interested in training a dwarf apple tree as well, and there is room for both along that opened space, now that the heather is gone.

Work is busy. Life is busy. DLJ is busy but doing well now that he is in charge of the dept. on his own, with his predecessor gone. It actually has made things easier, as now folks go to him, as they should instead of the old guy as they did out of habit. Now he knows much more about what’s going on, and what is needed, since folks go to him.

I need to clean my office.