Tonight we are going over to mrcarparts’ house, perhaps, to look into a dry erase board he found in his garage. It would be nice to see him again.

I registered for my college reunion, now I just have the plane tix to get this week or next.
We have to get a decent chair for downstairs. DLJ hurt his back twice now by sitting on the floor and having something go so wonky he couldn’t get up without help. It’s an expense we will just have to take care of sooner rather than later, sooner meaning pronto. His friend from his old job started up a furniture store, as long as we can find something that tries to knock out nasty chemicals and offgassing through him, I’d like to buy from him and support his business.

It’s raining again today. The rain is goooooood. I’d like to use some of our rainbarrel water to keep it moving, but there’s just not a need! Next garden project is to create the trellis for the vines to grow. The fence is sturdy and we could just do a wire one along it. DLJ is interested in training a dwarf apple tree as well, and there is room for both along that opened space, now that the heather is gone.

Work is busy. Life is busy. DLJ is busy but doing well now that he is in charge of the dept. on his own, with his predecessor gone. It actually has made things easier, as now folks go to him, as they should instead of the old guy as they did out of habit. Now he knows much more about what’s going on, and what is needed, since folks go to him.

I need to clean my office.

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