air dry

We did so much today, and the day isn’t over. Picked up the bike. Went to the grocery. Stopped by Dava Bead to get a few end caps for the necklaces I am making tonight/tomorrow. Picked up some garlic-mullein oil for my ears to help unclog them. Sold some books at Powell’s, and bought a basic wirewrapping book with the proceeds. Moved the soil from the rose holes to the bed for the berry vines, mixed in some of the wonderful free rotted manure with it and spread it around. It’s SUCH great stuff. Not even a whiff of scent, and soooo good. Dug more mini maple trees up. We so learned our lesson on this one. RAKE UP THE WHIRLYBIRDS in the FALL.
Dinner will be black cod steamed with potatoes. I have taken a shower. Pendants tomorrow. All is good.

various bits for the necklaces

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