Busy Thursday

Yesterday afternoon and evening was peppered with things to do, in a lazy, domestic way. I came home to a house smelling yummy. I should use that crock pot more. I don’t like cooking with pre-made ingredients, so the crock pot is not always easy for me to use. I don’t want to dump soup mix in there, or a bunch of barbeque sauce. That’s why I tried the pulled pork recipe, the only “pre” thing in it was a can of crushed tomatoes. Other than that, some spices, molasses, meat, brown sugar. Much better than a can of cream of mushroom, you know?

I should take the time to look through the crock pot community for things that have scratch ingredients, and make my own little stockpile of recipes I can use.

I made some cookies for a friend, who I will see Saturday, I think. Sugar and chocolate chip. I picked DLJ up from the train station and we came home and had dinner pretty shortly after that. Mmmm. That recipe is definitely a keeper. After that, we went for a walk in the twilight, looking at all the flowers. I love our neighborhood. Almost everyone keeps a wonderful yard, all different but all loved. Trees are still blooming, a month later. Everyone has so many different species of plants and trees that the color keeps on coming for weeks.

When we got home I dipped my mandrels and stated that it was nice out, we should try out the copper fire pit, which we did. Our wood was a little damp, so it ended up smoking out in the end instead of burning all the way down, but it was nice wood, sweet smelling and good. The rest we will store inside the garage to keep it dry for future use.

I worked some on some sites, packed up a necklace to go, and read my book Blue Highways for awhile.

This weekend is busy. Researching some things, maybe helping a friend move. Dragavonne is coming over for dinner tonight, I already had chicken curry planned since our veggie box arrived yesterday. Visiting MrCarparts is also on the agenda, so I can give him the cookies and check out the whiteboard. I have some glasswork to do this weekend, cleaning, some work on two websites for clients, and I want to go get my library card. A good list, I think.

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