Last night I was back on the torch with no problems. My ears are still a little plugged, but no headache, no light hurting my eyes. Yay!

I have a few necklaces on order as well as the ganesh pendants, so I made the hearts last night. I need to make some spacer beads tonight, a few more hearts, and then I can switch back to pendant mode for the weekend’s glass work. I played with my new stick of lustre glass last night, just trying to get it to do it’s thing. In the heat it turns blue irid, like an oil slick, but I have to get the hang of getting it to react before I use it in anything other than experimenting.

I really do need a white board. paper would get lost, corkboard notes would get scrabbled and out of order. I don’t want the expense but…. maybe I will check some communities, first, see if anyone has one they aren’t using or will sell me for less than new.

It’s raining again today. I need a nice day now that I am mostly not sick to move some more manure around the garden, I do a little weeding everyday. I potted the last wooden benches this week with four fuschias that were on sale for $.78 apiece. I can’t wait until they get some flowers I love fuschias. And it’s getting close to warm enough for me to plant my lettuce mix.

I’ve made a few resolutions in the past week, some harder than others.

1.) To start getting at least some of my books from the library. I need to get my library card, as when I went last time I didn’t have proof of my new address yet.

2.) I have ceased to eat or drink anything out of a vending machine, unless I am truly starving and there is no alternative.

3.) Be in bed for sleeping for at least 7 hours. Maybe I won’t sleep all that time, but I will show up for it.

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