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I’m doing this. Dropped DLJ’s car off at the repair shop today. Part of me wants them to give us this outrageous quote so we can say screw it, sell it, get a used truck. We will have to do it eventually. It still doesn’t pass smog here in OR, and they will finally fix that. Something else went wrong with it this week, so that will get a separate estimate. I hope it’s really cheap or outrageous.

I took two more ganesh pendants out of the kiln this morning. So now I just need to make the finished necklaces for the wedding couple, and the other has a use as well for a little Chinese glass auction thing I’ve gotten embroiled in. Tonight I will dip the mandrels for more beads; I won’t have time tomorrow but Friday I will make some more hearts (my red keeps burning, ooo!) and spacer beads. One more blue heart necklace to go, but then I have some other stuff to start building.

We didn’t get our asses in dinner gear fast enough to go to look at the whiteboard, so that will happen on Thursday, now. This weekend I will grudgingly remove the last of the wallpaper in the guest room. I said I wouldn’t do it, but it’s still not done, and I will not have that room sitting incomplete for over a year. So I’ll just do it, already, and then maybe finish painting it next weekend.

This weekend I will research how to build the wire trellis on the fence, as well. Always lots to do, these days.

I just swapped my Duran box set (86-95) with someone for the 81-85 one, now we both have tons of Duran to listen to at work. I have most of these songs on vinyl, but it’s nice to have a clean digital copy without having to haul out a record player to record them. Sweet.

Here’s a weird one from awhile back, still not cleaned. It’s just odd.

Amber Doohickey

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