less sick, at least

I’m not coughing as much, my nose is not running so much, but my ears? Still clogged like a drain. Nothing seems infected. I’m inhaling eucalyptus, steaming with it in the morning (feels pretty good, actually,), taking it with me in the shower for more steamy goodness…

I could have been over this sooner, maybe, if I had taken antibiotics, but I’m really trying to lick this without them. Goo was/is tasting a little funky, a sign of infection, so they could be used if I made a Dr. appointment and paid them to check my funk.

Glass has suddenly gotten rather busy. I was comissioned to make a Ganeshya pendant, a small interpretation of the Elephant God. It came out rather well for a first try, and most importantly, the customer loved it, and wants another. He posted it on his website, and then two more inquries came in, along with someone else wanting several glass hearts. I still cannot torch until the pressure in my head goes away, but I can fuse, meaning I can make the Ganeshya pendants. I have to make at least one more, and up to three. There’s an anklet in my future, a sculpture piece, and of course, the regular practice, practice, practice.

I have nowhere to put all the new glass, so far. My dad is helping me build a workbench this summer. I could try to help by pre-doing the glass rod storage, it doesn’t need to be integrated.

Also, 8 people signed up for my first glass contest so far, which is very exciting. There’s a drawing for a pendant on April 25th. You don’t even have to sign up for my newsletter to enter!

DLJ has managed to not get sick so far. This is good news, I don’t want him to get what I have. I really don’t think I am contagious anymore, but I’m not kissing him still, just in case. My hands have been declared free to roam, however. ;)

It’s time to register for my ten year college reunion, happening on the East Coast this June. 10 years. God. I’m really looking forward to it. I love Oregon, I loved California, I love where I live and my brain and heart are at home where they are now. But my body, I think, will always belong to that little campus. I could be wrong, and visiting might change that. But every other time I’ve been back…it just felt physically like home. I grew and changed so much there, became who I am so much there. It remains a very powerful place in my life. It will be good to touch the source again, if only for a few days to recharge.

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