Sunday’s triangle bead attempt (I do love the way the pink seems to glow on the backside of this one):

raspberry duo

this one is so subtle, I love it. I want to do a set like this:


I need to start putting measurements down on these.

air dry

We did so much today, and the day isn’t over. Picked up the bike. Went to the grocery. Stopped by Dava Bead to get a few end caps for the necklaces I am making tonight/tomorrow. Picked up some garlic-mullein oil for my ears to help unclog them. Sold some books at Powell’s, and bought a basic wirewrapping book with the proceeds. Moved the soil from the rose holes to the bed for the berry vines, mixed in some of the wonderful free rotted manure with it and spread it around. It’s SUCH great stuff. Not even a whiff of scent, and soooo good. Dug more mini maple trees up. We so learned our lesson on this one. RAKE UP THE WHIRLYBIRDS in the FALL.
Dinner will be black cod steamed with potatoes. I have taken a shower. Pendants tomorrow. All is good.

various bits for the necklaces


Last night I was back on the torch with no problems. My ears are still a little plugged, but no headache, no light hurting my eyes. Yay!

I have a few necklaces on order as well as the ganesh pendants, so I made the hearts last night. I need to make some spacer beads tonight, a few more hearts, and then I can switch back to pendant mode for the weekend’s glass work. I played with my new stick of lustre glass last night, just trying to get it to do it’s thing. In the heat it turns blue irid, like an oil slick, but I have to get the hang of getting it to react before I use it in anything other than experimenting.

I really do need a white board. paper would get lost, corkboard notes would get scrabbled and out of order. I don’t want the expense but…. maybe I will check some communities, first, see if anyone has one they aren’t using or will sell me for less than new.

It’s raining again today. I need a nice day now that I am mostly not sick to move some more manure around the garden, I do a little weeding everyday. I potted the last wooden benches this week with four fuschias that were on sale for $.78 apiece. I can’t wait until they get some flowers I love fuschias. And it’s getting close to warm enough for me to plant my lettuce mix.

I’ve made a few resolutions in the past week, some harder than others.

1.) To start getting at least some of my books from the library. I need to get my library card, as when I went last time I didn’t have proof of my new address yet.

2.) I have ceased to eat or drink anything out of a vending machine, unless I am truly starving and there is no alternative.

3.) Be in bed for sleeping for at least 7 hours. Maybe I won’t sleep all that time, but I will show up for it.

less sick, at least

I’m not coughing as much, my nose is not running so much, but my ears? Still clogged like a drain. Nothing seems infected. I’m inhaling eucalyptus, steaming with it in the morning (feels pretty good, actually,), taking it with me in the shower for more steamy goodness…

I could have been over this sooner, maybe, if I had taken antibiotics, but I’m really trying to lick this without them. Goo was/is tasting a little funky, a sign of infection, so they could be used if I made a Dr. appointment and paid them to check my funk.

Glass has suddenly gotten rather busy. I was comissioned to make a Ganeshya pendant, a small interpretation of the Elephant God. It came out rather well for a first try, and most importantly, the customer loved it, and wants another. He posted it on his website, and then two more inquries came in, along with someone else wanting several glass hearts. I still cannot torch until the pressure in my head goes away, but I can fuse, meaning I can make the Ganeshya pendants. I have to make at least one more, and up to three. There’s an anklet in my future, a sculpture piece, and of course, the regular practice, practice, practice.

I have nowhere to put all the new glass, so far. My dad is helping me build a workbench this summer. I could try to help by pre-doing the glass rod storage, it doesn’t need to be integrated.

Also, 8 people signed up for my first glass contest so far, which is very exciting. There’s a drawing for a pendant on April 25th. You don’t even have to sign up for my newsletter to enter!

DLJ has managed to not get sick so far. This is good news, I don’t want him to get what I have. I really don’t think I am contagious anymore, but I’m not kissing him still, just in case. My hands have been declared free to roam, however. ;)

It’s time to register for my ten year college reunion, happening on the East Coast this June. 10 years. God. I’m really looking forward to it. I love Oregon, I loved California, I love where I live and my brain and heart are at home where they are now. But my body, I think, will always belong to that little campus. I could be wrong, and visiting might change that. But every other time I’ve been back…it just felt physically like home. I grew and changed so much there, became who I am so much there. It remains a very powerful place in my life. It will be good to touch the source again, if only for a few days to recharge.

baby did a bad, bad thing

It was painful, but in the long run, it’s excellent.

1/3 pound x 90 ish = around 30 pounds of glass.

That’s a third of a pound of every color in regular rod Bullseye makes, with a pound each of black, white and clear.
It was not cheap. It will last me years, some of it.

1.I will get to try every color and learn what ones I like/tend to use the most, for more accurate spending in the future.
2. Each time I go buy more rods, if I spend a certain amount of money, because I bought this gigantic batch today, I get 50% off the entire order, every time, forever.
3. In the near future, I can worry about other things I would like, like a glass grinder, and saving for the mama kiln, and sheet glass.

I’m committed, now.


I’m still sick. It’s moving around. I’m fighting sinus infection now, though the rest of me feels better. “You’ll know,” said my aunt last weekend. “It’ll taste yucky.”

My ears have been clogged, making my ringing ear super loud, loud enough to hear at work over typing and office noise. William Shatner is truly one who understands, with his quote, roughly paraphrased, “There are two terrors here; the terror of the constant ringing, and the insurmountable fear that it will get worse, halting all ability to concentrate or sleep.” It’s quieter today, but my ear still feels plugged, and squeaks when I blow my nose, but doesn’t release. I blew my nose yesterday and … ewwww. Metal funk. Something was wrong. I’m attempting to fight it without going to the Dr. for antibiotics. This means shoving Neosporin up my nose three times a day (low grade topical antibiotic), breathing steam with eucalyptus oil at home, and just inhaling the oil from the vial at work, expectorants, and blowing my nose as much as I can. The cough is almost gone. The taste is not as strong as it was yesterday at noon, but I’m not out of the woods until everything drains. If I run a fever, then I give up and go to the Dr. I have my thermometer with me.

Last night DLJ and I went out to meet a bunch of friends at the Brazen Bean, a martini bar we’ve never been to before. Tucked away in a house near 21st, it was a fun place. Luckily, even though smoking was allowed it was mostly smoke free for most of our time there. I had a yummy drink called cantaloupe, cantaloupe-infused vodka with lime. It was so tasty and good, but thick; I couldn’t finish it. New friends, old friends, I was relaxed and low key most of the time, trying to baby myself in my weakened state. But it was really fun, I spent some time lost in the leather of the couch just looking at the ceiling and the flickering lights from outside, happy where I was in the world. We moved on for dinner after that, and then DLJ and paid up in cash and left, having to get back to his work by 10 so he could start a tape drive. It made our leaving rather abrupt, but we knew we had a time we had to leave by, or turn in to pumpkins. Then home and I was in bed pretty quickly.

It’s Friday and it’s going to have to be an easy weekend again as I stretch towards health. I think I got to know some folks better at last night’s gathering, and maybe made some new acquaintances. DLJ had a good time, too.

Goals this weekend:
Complete the first shot at the Indian necklace (if it works, then I have been requested to make 2)
bake an orange cake (we got blood oranges in the organic box)
sweep the deck, weed
update some websites