I’ve been having hell time with the red glass all weekend. Cook it once, red. Add more, brown. Gah. I have to be able to recook it for making hearts. I made a GORGEOUS encased red that I will post later, and of course, it only went in and out of the flame once.

But this little guy made up for the red frustration:

1.3 cm

We have ordered our Papa Murphy’s pizza. We painted the downstairs bathroom today, and made the payment to Home Depot for the lineoleum removal and natural stone tile installation. With some gift cards we got, plus 10% off, it cost about 60% of full price. We also are going to do the sealing ourselves, instead of paying someone else to stand around and watch it dry.
All the sealants I see seem toxic, or at least somewhat bad for you. Maybe there aren’t any alternatives for natural stone. Anyone know of any?

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