The sun is out today. It will be nice on my daily walk. DLJ and took a nice walk last night through a neighborhood we had walked through before on a dark and rainy night. It’s very forest of Endor. Lots of huge trees, snug, cozy, but so very DARK. I love visiting and walking through it, but so many of the homes get only shade most of the day…a great place to visit and relax, but not stay.

I really hope Christmas is at our place this year. I am traveled out, and I haven’t gone anywhere yet. I like travel but not a lot. A big trip a year, max and I’m good. I love local travel, and this year there’s CT, NYC, Japan, and a resort down in Southern CA at Thanksgiving. So I really hope we can stay home for Christmas. But we might end up in the Bay Area. Too much!

Speaking of Japan, I had a small side-job offered to me a few days ago that has to do with Japan, and I am going to give it a test run. It requires very little work on my part, and nets a small chunk o’ change for that minimal work. If the first try goes smooth, I’ll keep it up, and hopefully it will grow over time. It sounds so shady! But it’s not. I’m just helping out a friend and his family far away, and in thanks they cut me 10% plus cover all expenses involved. I’ll get to meet them all this September, which will make the trip all the more interesting.

Too much travel.

The contractors called for the bathroom work, I will call them back and schedule the day today. DLJ and I might split babysitting the contractors, one half day each. I’m looking forward to it being completed, then we can go peruse the land for a new pedestal sink and fixtures.

This week gets busier as time progresses. Gym tonight, working on websites tomorrow, gym and beading with a friend on Thursday. Saturday is the Japanese plant sale at the Japanese Garden, and the member’s only hour before the public can go to the sale is the hour before our tour of the garden’s stone lanterns that we signed up for. And we have to put the front shocks on the car to match the rear ones we did on Sunday.

I still need to slow down. Less stuff. More time to do stuff with DLJ when I am home. I love our walks, as long as we do those regularly, then I’m happy. I have always loved walking, and we have so many nice pockets and streets and hiking trails right around us, walkable from home or a short drive, if we want to hike waterfalls and stuff…I am so glad he enjoys it, too. When I ask him he almost never says no.

I chucked out a huge slug today. 3″. Bleah!

2 thoughts on “Sun!

  1. I would love to go to Japan. That is the biggest trip we will ever go on if we could have enough discipline to save the money for it. My daughter, who is 7, doesn’t want to go because she doesn’t want to have to use their style toilets. I don’t blame her, especially since you have to carry around your own toiletpaper and can’t flush it. What do you do with dirty toilet paper? But I think for the most part, it isn’t hard to find western toilets. But in an emergency….

    How long do you get to be there?

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