working weekend.

We did a lot of work.
Sunday afternoon I messed with my favorite part of the front lawn.

I trimmed back some of the ground cover and fretted over moss. Moss is growing and choking those shrubs. I don’t know if it’s too late to do anything, or not. But the moss looks lovely on a rock to the left of the weeping spruce type thing. I love that berm with the spruce thing and the japanese maple. Our large Japanese maple in the back will be perfect to sit under when that corner gets developed. But this little section of goodness is so nice to watch in the afternoon, so I am trimming it how I want it to be.

While at Home Depot getting our stone installation paid for and signed off on, we got the items to build our vine trellis in the back far corner. If there’s good weather next weekend, that will be one more completed backyard item. Mmm. Marionberries.

We also put new rear shocks on DLJ’s car. It was dirty work, and DLJ dropped a wrench on his lip and cut it, poor guy. But dirty as it was, I liked working on a car project with him. Now we just have the front shocks to go.

We painted the bathroom a very pale creamy yellow color, it’s really ready for that installation now.

I made beads three times, and sent out a necklace to a customer. I need to get some more work done on my store, it’s all hooked up with the USPS and UPS stuff now, but has design issues on pages other than the front. It’s just boring cut and paste work, and that is why I need to do it. I need to make beads for my single beads sales as well, and photograph them.

Busy enough weekend? At least we had leftover nummy pulled pork for dinner Saturday. I didn’t get to go collect that whiteboard. Saturday was the day but I never got ok’d to come over, and Sunday was silent as well. Hopefully this week it will come together.

I also picked and squashed slugs. Ew!

3 thoughts on “working weekend.

  1. Heh. Good ol’ Niering. Lawn cover, yes, plant cover…? Not so sure. It’s the plants that I am concerned with. We have some moss patches in some of the lawn and I’m not messing with that much at all. Not fighting it! Hee hee.

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