Work and Money, Money and Work

Nothihg like a four-day weekend, now two days at work, then gone again until the middle of next week. I need to pack tonight. Having Monday be gone is scary, Thursday morning we need to be at the train at 3 am and I am going to TRY to get some sleep, which means popping a tylenol pm early tomorrow night and trying to zonk out. So packing happens tonight.

Friday I tackled lots of errands, even if they amounted to nothing. I bought no clothes. DLJ did later, which kind of irritated me because he was supposed to use the coupon we got, but didn’t and spent a lot anyway. So that hammered a nail in me trying to do a round 2 of trying to find something nice to wear that was new to me. That made me bitter.

DLJ did complete a lot of his own tasks all weekend, which was very helpful and evened the keel a little. He’s been staining and waterproofing the dining room table, it is a glossy black now, it was aging and the old stain was drying out and cracking the wood, and it had no seal. He also started putting the toilet back in downtairs, turning out to be a small bear of a job. He reorganized the garage.

I did laundry, made meals, made him some smoothies (cantaloupe and banana today), played with a little glass on Sunday. I made another terraform beads, some creme brulee beads for a fellow beader I did a trade with, she wants a few more, and also delivered my two red pendants to CeeGee’s friend J. I’d like to make a few more terraforms before leaving for Boston, but I don’t think it’s going to happen. Better to just clean up the studio and secure it for my absence. I might string the one I just made and make it a gift for my cousin when we see her in NYC.

I haven’t been back since 9/11, by the by. Having grown up with the towers as a regular part of my skyline…it should be…strange, even these years later, when I haven’t experienced their absence first-hand yet.

Yesterday we went to Sauvie Island with GiantFightbot and his lady. We had never been there before, and it sure was neat! So close to Portland, yet full of U-Pick farms, other farms, hiking, birdwatching, beaches (nude and clothed), trails, lakes, marshes…COWS! It was warm and sunny but a lot of our hiking was on a trail that often had dappled shade. I picked up a piece of garbage and a package of salmon and steelhead hooks, there’s little in the way of garbage facilities, and signs to pack out all your trash, which, sadly, not everyone follows.

Wow, will we be busy when we return, getting things ready for our spring/summer party. Need to finish off the guest room, finally. Oh, I need to check with my catsitter/plant waterer while we are gone. It’s supposed to rain a lot this week, so I hope things will be ok while we are gone, though the veggies will need direct watering attention.

More later, off to work I go!

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