Oregon gave us some of that notoriously ADD weather yesterday. I still had some piles of grass clippings to pick up from mowing on Friday, so I went and did that in the early afternoon, knowing that rain was coming. I went out shortly after six to get our Papa Murphy’s Pizza, which I did, getting back in the car underneath grey clouds. The Papa Murphy’s is less than a mile from our house. By the time I returned, everything was wet, the lawn glossy with rain, and it pounded down on the windshield as hard as it could without it being a sheet of solid water.
I pulled into the dry garage and put the pizza down in the kitchen. The gutters were overflowing already, not just in the corners, but along the front of the house. Gutters that had been recently cleaned. Water had already saturated the ground, starting small puddles. All within minutes. It sounded wonderful through the windows, and must have almost instantly refilled the rain barrels.
Within ten minutes it had subsided. Two of the cats huddled outside under the overhang, too scared to even move towards the door until they felt sure the sky wasn’t going to unload on them again. Ankimo had opted to stay inside, where she had watched the rain from snug, warm comfort of a beanbag chair.
The sun came out again, warming the wood of the back fence as the gutters still trickled like fountains.
Oregon, she so crazy. I love her.
We went for an enjoyable bike ride on Saturday, as well as an evening walk. It is supposed to rain most of this week, so we were squeezing in as much outdoor time as we could before the steady patter of rain returned to our days. Soon enough we will be dreaming of a cooling rainshower, but for now, the dry days are still the minority class.
Glass went ok this weekend, not great. I had issues with beads sticking to mandrels. On the flip side, I made my first “mostly” successful hollow bead, as well as several pressed lentil shapes. I got my first press two weeks ago and finally had time to sit down and try to make some. There are many presses out there…I have a round tab press, which makes squat cylinders, the lentil, and a round dome, which kind of looks like a tootsie pop laying on its side. They are all small presses. My next one, should this go well, might be one large one so I can experiment with focal beads.

Lentils and Hollow

Not the best photo. I need to make a light tent one of these days. You can see the lentil shapes, like the lentils you eat in stew, and the hollow is the large bead in the center…you can see how clear the cord is in the middle, no distortion or glass tube to travel through. There’s not enough glass between it and the eye to distort it, because it’s hollow. I need more work on those, most definitely.
The impending NJ trip has me thinking a lot, but that’s the subject for a future entry.

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