Green simple

I just cleaned the bathroom. I don’t like that job. I think if I could give up one task, that would be it.

But the bathroom is nice, now, Simple Greened. I dusted in the bedroom, pulled more ivy, pulled some weeds, made some beads for a trade, read up on some safety information for glassoworkers…and received an amazing suprise. Somone in the glass community I hang out on is sending me a glass grinder…FREE. I have been saving up for one (I am halfway there.) This will let me put that money towards some safety equipment (I’m safe already, this is more “keep my self from prematurely aging” stuff), and some bails to hang fused pendants on. I am astounded at the generosity, and delighted to reuse an older grinder rather than buy a new one (reduce, reuse, recycle).

Yesterday we hung out at Dragavonne’s after seeing Hitchiker. SO GOOD. I really enjoyed it, and the company. Also, brunch with friends in Portland and visiting the farmer’s market near PSU. The one in my town had opening day yesterday, very excited to have it back and running for the summer months. It is one hell of a farmer’s market.

I have a commission for a red pendant, I will probably work on that next weekend.

Also need to get some materials to make a shawl closure for someone, looks like a very fun project as well!

Time to pay the property taxes this week. Whooahaaaaah. It’s been a good weekend.

3 thoughts on “Green simple

  1. So happy someone was so generous! I was just gifted with my friend’s electric breast pump- new ones run to the tune of $285- and she even shipped it from Guam. :) Its great when we can reuse someone else’s items. Im also reusing a crib (going to repaint it) we were given and our new neighbor just offered her practically brand new cradle! YAY FOR US!

    I think its so great you have found your passion and have people helping you out!

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