Grocery roamin’

Last night DLJ and I went to the new Haggen store near home. It’s about the same walk as it is to the Safeway, just the other direction, and it’s a much nicer store. Many more natural products, organic foods, better deli and fish counter, better bread, and my personal “is it a good store” meter item, braided string cheese. In three varieties. Oh yeah.
My complaint was that their bulk bin of grains, flour, salts, etc, was less than 1/5 the size of the candy bulk bins, which wrapped in a giant u shape like a movie theatre monstrosity. I already left feedback on their website about that. But overall, much better store, I will do some comparison price shopping, but that’s probably where I will go for my fish from now on, and meat, the rare times I get it. Hooray for a fabulous store moving in near my home, and within walking/biking distance!

Must get to work, it’s a busy day today.

2 thoughts on “Grocery roamin’

  1. I was just noticing braided string cheese at the local Top Foods (Haggen) -here-. That’s kinda funny.

  2. It’s good stuff,man. Try it. I love it, have since I was a little kid.

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