Hive Fleeing

FleeTheHive has picked up a few new members, which is good. I want that community to get going, and folks need to contribute to get things humming. I will probably drop it in a few more communities over the next week to try to get some more folks on board and starting to talk. I really want it to be a place people enjoy coming to learn and share things with each other.

It is supposed to get to 90 out today. Phew! Last night I watered all the plants after we walked home from dinner at a nearby pub. I probably used about 1/3 of the rainbarrel water; I will use more this weekend. It might rain again early this week, and it doesn’t take much to full those 110 gallons right back up. It was almost dark out by the time I finished, but dusk is my favorite time of day, so it was nice to be out there in it as it fell.

I have a four day weekend, and I need to make a plan of action for tomorrow. So far it looks like getting up and being at the DMV when it opens to register a vehicle, then back home to put all those materials away. Then back out to hunt down a simple shirt and pants to have for the reunion in Connecticut. Nothing fancy, just stylish. I haven’t bought myself new clothes in over a year, so I can manage one casual outfit during the Memorial Day sales. Hopefully I can score a large ceramic garden container on sale, too, and the afternoon activity will be transplanting some grasses to it to make a water container garden thingy. And finally, glass. Glass, glass, glass on my day off.

This weekend we don’t have many plans other than hiking with some friends, I hope. We should reinstall the toilet in the guest bathroom. I need to get a haircut, maybe I will do that Sunday, or next week during lunch.

Work has been good this week, I kicked ass on two projects and we made some great money in our little group. It’s good to have the events over with, since now I know they were successful and I didn’t screw anything up. I also found the causes of two bugs on other projects. No credit for it, but I don’t care, the folks who would notice things like that did, and that’s all I need.

Our couch showed up yesterday, just the chaise lounge to go. Now there is a place to actually sit in the family room, other than a tired beanbag and folding camping chairs, neither of which is very comfortable after awhile.

Oh, today is organic food box day. I need to gather smoothie recipes, as DLJ needs a little more energy in the morning and after trial running smoothies by him, he likes it so I will make him them myself instead of buying the plastic bottles of premade ones. Anyone have any favorite smoothies? With yogurt or dairy-free, both are ok.

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