A few weeks ago I screwed up a bead. Usually, I just plunk it in water to cool it off and call it done. But I had forgotten to refill my dunk bucket, so I had no choice but to stash it in the kiln and let it anneal.

Thank God.

When I opened things up later that evening, I found something amazing. The error had been small, so the result was small, but I had unknowingly made something I thought was pretty darn cool.

I’ve been futzing since then and I have managed to recreate my error. I still need to do lots of color testing, experimentation, but I can repeat my process. I call them Terraform beads, and my Mom loves them. Well, she’s my Mom, but I think she loves them ANYWAY. They are subtle, reminding folks of desert stone. They POP in certain light and against certain fabrics, while remain subdued in other situations. Very organic. And so far, no one has said “Oh yeah! I did that too, look!”

So maybe I’ve got something new. New to this recent bead world, anyway. Through the spans of centuries, I’m sure it’s all been done before.

Anyway. I’m thrilled to have something I can call my own creation. I didn’t expect that for years, if ever.

Terraform Beads

Whohooo! Now it’s out of my system and I can make some bright things again, while still working on this particular type of bead, of course. Mom wants a necklace. ;)

2 thoughts on “Invention

  1. Wow – those are gorgeous! Beautiful! All of the pieces you’ve shared here and on the juiceglass site are beautiful but these speak to me. Stunning! You must be so happy to have your time in the studio and to express your creative energy with glass. Congratuations!

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