oof, tired

Wow, did we do a lot today. Moved the compost to a sunnier spot, I spent a couple hours in the glass studio (eh), handed over the Ganesha pendants, always nice to unload the goods to the true owners, pulled more ivy, planted salad mix, cilantro and dill, mowed the rear yard, made eggs for breakfast, paid off the bathroom renovation…time for a small drinkie out side on the deck. I love that push mower, such a good workout! The next two weekend days that are nice, it’s time to sand/reseal the deck and seal the benches. I have my newsletter to write tonight, I’ll take the beads out and redip the mandrels for the week. I still have two orders that need to go out once the checks arrive; then I will be caught up and done and back to PPP for awhile. Today was great with designs, but I kept screwing up in the encasing. Time to reread my books and see where I am going wrong with that with complex design. I know, in theory, but…not in results in reality. Ah, I ache from gardening. Today there were two ducks in the yard, they had left the pond next door. I love that pond. I can’t see it, but it brings good things nearby like frogs, and ducks, which can eat my grass anytime they want. I need a shower but DLJ is in there, now. When he goes to the grocery then I will take one, so for now, it’s back outside to relax.

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