the little things

My attempts at ducking out of consumerism are doing pretty well, except for glass. Need tools to make more glassy things and practice, but I’m trying to keep it to a minmum, the most important tool is practice, practice practice.

But I still splurge a little on the little luxuries.

We have had only two champagne glasses since we got married, the two Waterford ones. Nice for us, not for anyone else. At our housewarming we had champagne and kirs to drink, but champagne had to be plastic cups. Classy. Last Friday was an awesome deal at Amazon for 12 5% lead crystal flutes for over $100 off, all 12 for $25. Plunk. They showed up yesterday. Six went immediately to storage. They will be nice to have as we break one or two over time, I’m sure, or have over eight people around for dinner, or a party. Which might be in June, actually. I need to create the evite for that. Spring/summer fling, I wanted it one week but DLJ has a work function that weekend, so it’s one week earlier. Must make the evite this week, then.

So yes, $25 for 12 champage glasses that make the nice “ting” sound when clinked. Waiting patiently worked.

I want to get one outfit to take to the college reunion. I have not bought myself new clothes in over a year, so buy hitting sale racks I think I can manage to find something stylin’ without blowing a wad. We are doing well, but things do add up on that house. It’s ok, but it sure makes it harder to feel like you arent’ spending like mad. But it’s been on things that are needed for the longevity of the home, trimming the trees, property taxes and, next up, gutter repair. We will try to do the lower half ourselves, in the front of the house, but hire out for the stuff on the back on the second floor.

Next weekend I have a four-day vacation, due to the company I work at taking Friday and Monday off. Then one day at work, then off to New England. I hadn’t realized I had those extra days off. I should be nice and refreshed by the time I get back!

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