$#%#$^ Wallpaper

The weekend passed quickly, both in fun and work. Friday afternoon I made a stupendous dinner, though I had a big card up my sleeve to achieve this. It’s Copper River salmon season, and I got almost 3/4 pound of king salmon. With a basic ingredient like that, how could I go wrong? With an avocado sauce, champagne (celebrating the fact that we finally have champagne glasses was reason enough), and yummy chocolate sour cream muffins for dessert, it was a great start to the weekend. I looked through the fridge for the small amount of leftovers today, but I couldn’t find it. Maybe DLJ already ate them.
Saturday we watched our morning show as always, and then went out to do two errands. First, we went to the First Tech Credit Union and applied to join, since we are elegible through my company. Bye, bye, Bank of America, soon you will have your stinky, unreasonable hands off my stash o’ cash, like it or not. Jerks. The initial application went through and I should have the account information today, hopefully. Then I can start transferring money and setting up the online billpay in their system, then finally move everything out and shut down the Bofa Account I have had since 1995. Bye bye, assclowns!

After that we went down into Tigard to visit a friend who is running a furniture store. He got laid off when DLJ did last Fall, but it’s not going so well so he’s going to shut down and go into something that I think is SO freaking cool…he’s going to go to train school and learn to be an engineer! Driving trains! I just think that is fabulous and I hope he tells me all about it as he learns.

Since I have had to pick DLJ up off the floor twice from throwing his back out trying to be comfortable on just pillows and an old beanbag, furniture for downstairs is necessary, moreso than replacing the cat-destroyed couch in the living room. I felt bad that our friend had to close his store, but was happy we could help him out by removing some inventory for him and giving him some business, even on the way out. We saved a whallop and got over $1,000 worth of furniture for around $650 since he was trying to offload inventory. Plus, he said he’d just deliver it on the next sunny day so we don’t have to worry about delivery charges or renting a truck for the day or something.

The living room will be next, someday, with the harvested wood-sustainable chairs I would like to have in there. It’s still just a room with a coffeetable and a bookcase right now. Well, actually, the bathroom is next, we need to get a new sink to replace the torn-out formica pit of doom that is now gone. One step at a time, slowly. We should go visit the salvage store in the next few weekends to look for a good sink.

I also finished dewallpapering the library. FINALLY. Yes, it has been months, almost a year. I swore I wouldn’t finish it, I had done all of it myself and taking wallpaper directly off sheetrock that has been there thirty years is not fun. But nothing was happening and my parents are coming soon and to have them stay in the room that STILL wasn’t finished just was crappy, so I buckled down and did it. But this does mean I never have to remove wallpaper again. DLJ can do it, should it ever come to pass again. All that is left now is to sand down that small section to get the last bits off, paint, and we’re done. HATED that wallpaper. Cursed the previous owners. But now it’s gone.

Off to work with me!

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