Deep currents

It’s HOT today. Work is moving along but it’s not very interesting work today. I keep wanting to get up and go for a walk, I’m restless. I already did my daily lap around the building so I can’t go do that again.

Restless, restless. Things are afoot. Maybe. Maybe not.

I dropped my cameras off to be fixed, and they said they need to order the parts so it will be 2-3 weeks. This means no glass photos for that long. This means the site won’t be completely finished as a result, but there’s nothing I can do. I can finish it all except for product images, which is the fun part, anyway.

DLJ is working late tonight, I will play with glass. I had to try prepping the recycled glass twice, it’s a learning experience. I think they are usable now, and next time I will continue to try to get it better. So tonight I will try to make beads, but sadly, I can’t take good photos!

I am jonesing to go home and torch. Dinner is crock pot lasagna, which I will keep warm in case DLJ gets home in time for dinner. I’m happy tomorrow is Friday. I mowed the back yard yesterday and will do the front yard today.

Life goes on, but currents are running deep on some things. Good things.

One more

I didn’t like this shape at first, but with transparents, I like it very much.

Still need to work on not getting bubbles in there. But I managed it with one of the ambers, so it can be done (by me!)

Today was a mess already, I had gone to deposit some checks yesterday, but my car was blocked in by DLJ messing around in the garage, so I took his car. And forgot to put the keys back in the key tray. I am horrible with keys, I always have been, no matter what systems I try to put together to always put them in the same place. So they were in my purse when I went to get gas this morning. DLJ called wondering where his keys were. I had not looked in my purse yet, and said to try the jacket I had been wearing. He said “Ok, got it.” and hung up. I thought he meant he had the keys, cause he said he was already standing over the jacket before I suggested it. But no, they weren’t there, but I didn’t know that and didn’t look in my purse until he called back, because I thought “got it” meant he had them.


It’s a Monday alright. More later.

Back in the glass saddle

Oh, it was marvelous today. Back in the studio, and I tried something new. A violet cubic zirconia set into the glass. I will have more photos tomorrow as well, but for now…here’s my new trick. Heh. New to me, anyway.
Green Jewel

And I played with foil, a no-no till I get my ventilation perfect…but I couldn’t resist.

hehe she said ‘tool’

I love this time of night. The giant pines behind the house catch the orange fire of sunset as they wave in the wind. I love where I live.

I had a Vitner’s Lime Rickey while people-watching on Hawthorne at the Baghdad, then wuweibaby showed up and I gave her back her art…and we talked for over an hour. It was great to have some one-on-one time with her. I have an attraction to single women, especially ones past their 20’s. This is probably due to my small envy at their freedom to do what they wish in terms of not having to check in or schedule it with someone else.

Before that I stopped in at Bullseye to find I had missed their semi-yearly sale, which is a good thing, really, I don’t need any more glass right now. But I did get the tool I needed to be able to make recycled glass beads in earnest, this is very exciting. I saved a Mexican glass Coke bottle from a drink DLJ had at a dinner out…I love the greeny clear color, and I cannot wait to see how beads look in that glass. Next week, next week, after the rodeo. Sunday I have to make beads, not work with prepping the recycled glass. It’s been just too freaking long.

Crescent of the Weekend

Today is Friday. It’s a good day. I have plans for half the weekend and nothing for the other half. Today I should be drinking something yummy in the afternoon with a friend, preferably outside but inside will do, hopefully at some bar or establishment I have never been to before (not hard, Portland is so full of wonderful places). Tomorrow I am going to a rodeo.
This is not something I would pick as an activity, but DLJ is going with folks from his company, I mean, the company hired a bus to take people so they can drink on the way, etc. Organized event. All I want is a window seat, as we will be going to a new city for me, Prineville, I believe. I am always up for visiting new places. I’m not sure how I feel about rodeos, but since I have never been to one, it’s a new experience and we know how much I love making notches in my Experience bedpost.
Last night after a quick stirfry dinner DLJ and I went to the local Street of New Beginnings house show, which was less than a mile away. These houses weren’t mansions, most were within 300 square feet of our own, though priced higher due to all the doodads and whistles. It was neat to see all the green homebuilding techniques, and the lovely surfaces and floors and lighting. Still…the houses felt “small” in some ways, and not in a good way. They had plenty of space, but I don’t agree with how it was used in several of the homes. Actually, what I think was really going on is that giant master bedrooms, bathrooms, closets eat up space, making the guest rooms and offices TINY. So the houses felt small to me, because so much space was given to give a master bath a huge footprint. Large showers and tubs I love. Giant expanses of tile flooring that does nothing other than sit there…no. And the showers were AMAZING, I tell ya.
The other thing that detracted for me was the yards. All were very, very, very small. None of them were even a fourth of ours. They were nicely landscaped with trees, bbq pits and small ponds…but no room to make a garden, or bust out a few different areas and hidey holes. And the homes were right next to each other, windows looking in other windows. From one home you could see folks out on the upstairs terrace of another. Too close.
Lovely homes, yes. It would be nice to have all those upgrades and pretty bathroom fixtures…but I love my wonderful yard, large rooms and a feeling of balance way more.
However! The center of the developement is a large green space, and this I LOVE. I wish my hood was centered around something like this. Just a simple green, but everyone faces it, it makes up for the lack of backyard, and kids can just meet there and play everyday, while the parents can check up from right through the window. Communal space is SO important and the idea of private landownership is so strong in this country. I think neighbors would all benefit by sharing a green space, they’d just plain get to know each other better, have picnics, relax, and communicate instead of everyone shutting themselves off in their own backyard. My hood has a block party every summer. They should do it way more often.
Long entry, must go now, more later. Oh, and I have my internet back at home. Yay.

Down time

Our Internet is all screwy, and that is why I have been so quiet. I’m on right now because we turned off the phone to get it to work. DLJ will need to do a little modernizing on the wires, what we’ve got can’t handle the phone, the dsl and the alarm system all at once.
He has to go back to work to get a file that supposedly was emailed but he never got.

Our party was a fun success, even tho it rained for awhile in the middle. Only one item got broken, one of my fireballs that holds candles. $30 to replace plus shipping, oh well. Our bottle of wine was taken care of. When we got married, we got a magnum of really good red wine from the winery, and obviously could not drink it ourselves, so we opened it for this party. Everyone pitched in and it was nice to share it with friends.

We’ve been treated to some wonderful sunsets these past nights. My camera is broken but it’s a good lesson, anyway. It’s in my head, that’s the only memory I need, really.
Other things on the road of simplicity:
I watch maybe 2-4 hours of tv a week.
I got my library card to rent books instead of buy them.
Not having Internet IS giving me free time to do other things.
We moved to a local credit union. Not exactly simplifying, but it is supporting local biz and not getting lost in the giant maw of BofA anymore.

I need to get back in the glass studio. I’m thinking Thursday, and I’ll be back in the saddle after party planning and our vacation.

So much thinking to do. So much planning. As usual, I wonder just where the hell I will be a year from now.

yet another day full

Ok, so what else did I manage yesterday. I took my bike and went booze shopping, there was something vaguely amusing about straining up the final hill on the way back, all healthy and stuff, under a load of Absolute, Hypnotiq, Stoli (“what do you mean you caaaaahn’t, just be cause it’s Russian.”) Vanilla, Starbucks Liqueur, white wine and sparkling wine. I unwrapped the new chaise lounge/couch thing and got it where we want it next to the bar. Ankimo immediately claimed it for her own, sitting in the center of it for more than an hour, not even laying down. Freako. DLJ spread new mulch around and weeded yesterday.

Today we went to the Rebuilding Center and looked for a used sink and pedestal, but they didn’t have any in white, just brown and pink. Still, we dropped off our old one as well as the old light fixtures we removed, and all the electrical wall plates, and received deduction receipts for the ol’ taxes next year. We also found a new-to-us front porch light, as ours is brass and we are more of the brushed nickel flavor in such things. Plus, it has a motion detector, all for $35. Score! I will put that in later today.

DLJ is installing the new sink and pedestal we ended up getting elsewhere, I mowed the lawn (what a freaking workout when you have been gone and it’s grown), started laundry, emptied the dishwasher and did final testing on some work on Thomas’ site. He has some new videos in the projection room from a project he finished for the TED conference this past year.

Pizza night, yay. I just emptied the dishwasher and it will be nice to not fill it again with dinner dishes. I could go make glass but I think I’m pretty slogged out, I wasn’t sure if the Hypnotiq would freeze in the freezer (it has some other things in it other than cognac) so I made a froofy drink in a martini glass and put it in there. It’s been a few hours and no freeze, so I think it’s safe to put the bottle in. And I have a nice cool drink now that I have mowed the backyard.

This week, cleaning for party, food for party, dropping off the cameras to be fixed (I will be picture lacking until then), work, perhaps setting up my ergo station in the studio (tho I will dismantle everything in less than a month, so maybe just not worth it until my brand new studio is complete.

I did finish a necklace for an LJ pal, so this week we will have to meet up and make the exhange.

And that’s it! For now.

so far…

library card – check
farmer’s market – check (found the info I wanted, bought a blue star creeper)
planted cucumber – check (and the blue star creeper)
put about 6 payees in the credit union site, many to go
crock pot dinner – check, crockin’ away
broke down branch in yard
hacked at ivy

thomas’ site
optional wall sanding
booze shopping

also, the chaise lounge showed up today, so we need to move that downstairs next to the couch when the rain lets us.

I’m sure I’m forgetting something…

today’s todo

Farmer’s Market
Library Card
Add Payees to Credit Union
Plant Cucumber
Crock Pot Dinner
Thomas’ Website – complete sonification area
Plan Party Menu (booze shopping)

Sand Walls in Library
Sweep Deck
Break Down Branch from Tree

Back home at Conn

*this one is mostly a repeat for friends list folks on LJ.*

Conn was a weekend of fun, fun, fun. Everyone in my immediate circle of friends just started “borrowing” things just like old times. We “borrowed” ice from the locked kitchen in the dorm we were staying in. “Borrowed” the bocce ball set for awhile on the roof of the terrace. At the Saturday party some folks “borrowed” one of the electric golf carts after hotwiring it and we watched it make drunken circles around the green for a portion of the evening. DLJ and I scored the best room EVER. They gave us TWO rooms, which gave us access to the terrace roof along with a friend in another room, the only windows that open onto it, so we pulled a bunch of chairs out there and surveyed the domain from our private, huge balcony. The other room they gave DLJ and I had its own BATHROOM. Who freakin’ knew? These rooms were also on the other side of the building from where the large party happened. It was supposed to be in the dorm’s living room, but the stench of old beer is soaked in forever, and there was already a broken window, so a few folks got the DJ to move everything outside, to make the largest party on campus that night, and the sound echoed AWAY from us across the green. I pitied those facing that way direction Saturday night.

Conn has all these wifi spots now but I was slow on the draw and didn’t get my access codes and stuff before going there (as an alumn I can always use their network) but since all the rooms have been wired for ‘net since 1990, we bummed an ethernet cable off my old chemistry professor and could surf around from our room once we had that.

Saturday night me, DLJ and a bunch of other folks in various stages of booze-pickle found some chalk and took some with us, writing stuff all over campus as we wandered around. I was never much of a kegger girl at school, and part of why I loved Conn is I could always find something else to do that was fun, and this was no exception.

The amount of free booze was just unbelievable. Every dorm with folks in it had a hospitality section set up with kegs, wine bottles and juice. Every meal had free booze available till the meal ended. It was just soaked, and amusingly college-sponsored, since they footed it.

I had my happy moments, walking with DLJ everywhere, wandering the arbo, catching up and trading cards and notes with friends. I made one professional network contact, which was nice, and I will follow up on that within the week, as they love working with folks who telecommute and the alumni net is tight. And I had sad moments, I sniffled on the green when I sat there alone for awhile, alone in the dorm room before we left (DLJ was sweet and left me there to have some time alone before we left).

More later, need to cover Boston, and NYC, but that’s for a later date and time. Returning to Conn was everything I expected, I got to hang with friends, even wander into the on air studio at the radio station, and just soak it all in. Conn levels are at full and happy.