Down time

Our Internet is all screwy, and that is why I have been so quiet. I’m on right now because we turned off the phone to get it to work. DLJ will need to do a little modernizing on the wires, what we’ve got can’t handle the phone, the dsl and the alarm system all at once.
He has to go back to work to get a file that supposedly was emailed but he never got.

Our party was a fun success, even tho it rained for awhile in the middle. Only one item got broken, one of my fireballs that holds candles. $30 to replace plus shipping, oh well. Our bottle of wine was taken care of. When we got married, we got a magnum of really good red wine from the winery, and obviously could not drink it ourselves, so we opened it for this party. Everyone pitched in and it was nice to share it with friends.

We’ve been treated to some wonderful sunsets these past nights. My camera is broken but it’s a good lesson, anyway. It’s in my head, that’s the only memory I need, really.
Other things on the road of simplicity:
I watch maybe 2-4 hours of tv a week.
I got my library card to rent books instead of buy them.
Not having Internet IS giving me free time to do other things.
We moved to a local credit union. Not exactly simplifying, but it is supporting local biz and not getting lost in the giant maw of BofA anymore.

I need to get back in the glass studio. I’m thinking Thursday, and I’ll be back in the saddle after party planning and our vacation.

So much thinking to do. So much planning. As usual, I wonder just where the hell I will be a year from now.

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