Back home at Conn

*this one is mostly a repeat for friends list folks on LJ.*

Conn was a weekend of fun, fun, fun. Everyone in my immediate circle of friends just started “borrowing” things just like old times. We “borrowed” ice from the locked kitchen in the dorm we were staying in. “Borrowed” the bocce ball set for awhile on the roof of the terrace. At the Saturday party some folks “borrowed” one of the electric golf carts after hotwiring it and we watched it make drunken circles around the green for a portion of the evening. DLJ and I scored the best room EVER. They gave us TWO rooms, which gave us access to the terrace roof along with a friend in another room, the only windows that open onto it, so we pulled a bunch of chairs out there and surveyed the domain from our private, huge balcony. The other room they gave DLJ and I had its own BATHROOM. Who freakin’ knew? These rooms were also on the other side of the building from where the large party happened. It was supposed to be in the dorm’s living room, but the stench of old beer is soaked in forever, and there was already a broken window, so a few folks got the DJ to move everything outside, to make the largest party on campus that night, and the sound echoed AWAY from us across the green. I pitied those facing that way direction Saturday night.

Conn has all these wifi spots now but I was slow on the draw and didn’t get my access codes and stuff before going there (as an alumn I can always use their network) but since all the rooms have been wired for ‘net since 1990, we bummed an ethernet cable off my old chemistry professor and could surf around from our room once we had that.

Saturday night me, DLJ and a bunch of other folks in various stages of booze-pickle found some chalk and took some with us, writing stuff all over campus as we wandered around. I was never much of a kegger girl at school, and part of why I loved Conn is I could always find something else to do that was fun, and this was no exception.

The amount of free booze was just unbelievable. Every dorm with folks in it had a hospitality section set up with kegs, wine bottles and juice. Every meal had free booze available till the meal ended. It was just soaked, and amusingly college-sponsored, since they footed it.

I had my happy moments, walking with DLJ everywhere, wandering the arbo, catching up and trading cards and notes with friends. I made one professional network contact, which was nice, and I will follow up on that within the week, as they love working with folks who telecommute and the alumni net is tight. And I had sad moments, I sniffled on the green when I sat there alone for awhile, alone in the dorm room before we left (DLJ was sweet and left me there to have some time alone before we left).

More later, need to cover Boston, and NYC, but that’s for a later date and time. Returning to Conn was everything I expected, I got to hang with friends, even wander into the on air studio at the radio station, and just soak it all in. Conn levels are at full and happy.

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