Crescent of the Weekend

Today is Friday. It’s a good day. I have plans for half the weekend and nothing for the other half. Today I should be drinking something yummy in the afternoon with a friend, preferably outside but inside will do, hopefully at some bar or establishment I have never been to before (not hard, Portland is so full of wonderful places). Tomorrow I am going to a rodeo.
This is not something I would pick as an activity, but DLJ is going with folks from his company, I mean, the company hired a bus to take people so they can drink on the way, etc. Organized event. All I want is a window seat, as we will be going to a new city for me, Prineville, I believe. I am always up for visiting new places. I’m not sure how I feel about rodeos, but since I have never been to one, it’s a new experience and we know how much I love making notches in my Experience bedpost.
Last night after a quick stirfry dinner DLJ and I went to the local Street of New Beginnings house show, which was less than a mile away. These houses weren’t mansions, most were within 300 square feet of our own, though priced higher due to all the doodads and whistles. It was neat to see all the green homebuilding techniques, and the lovely surfaces and floors and lighting. Still…the houses felt “small” in some ways, and not in a good way. They had plenty of space, but I don’t agree with how it was used in several of the homes. Actually, what I think was really going on is that giant master bedrooms, bathrooms, closets eat up space, making the guest rooms and offices TINY. So the houses felt small to me, because so much space was given to give a master bath a huge footprint. Large showers and tubs I love. Giant expanses of tile flooring that does nothing other than sit there…no. And the showers were AMAZING, I tell ya.
The other thing that detracted for me was the yards. All were very, very, very small. None of them were even a fourth of ours. They were nicely landscaped with trees, bbq pits and small ponds…but no room to make a garden, or bust out a few different areas and hidey holes. And the homes were right next to each other, windows looking in other windows. From one home you could see folks out on the upstairs terrace of another. Too close.
Lovely homes, yes. It would be nice to have all those upgrades and pretty bathroom fixtures…but I love my wonderful yard, large rooms and a feeling of balance way more.
However! The center of the developement is a large green space, and this I LOVE. I wish my hood was centered around something like this. Just a simple green, but everyone faces it, it makes up for the lack of backyard, and kids can just meet there and play everyday, while the parents can check up from right through the window. Communal space is SO important and the idea of private landownership is so strong in this country. I think neighbors would all benefit by sharing a green space, they’d just plain get to know each other better, have picnics, relax, and communicate instead of everyone shutting themselves off in their own backyard. My hood has a block party every summer. They should do it way more often.
Long entry, must go now, more later. Oh, and I have my internet back at home. Yay.

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