hehe she said ‘tool’

I love this time of night. The giant pines behind the house catch the orange fire of sunset as they wave in the wind. I love where I live.

I had a Vitner’s Lime Rickey while people-watching on Hawthorne at the Baghdad, then wuweibaby showed up and I gave her back her art…and we talked for over an hour. It was great to have some one-on-one time with her. I have an attraction to single women, especially ones past their 20’s. This is probably due to my small envy at their freedom to do what they wish in terms of not having to check in or schedule it with someone else.

Before that I stopped in at Bullseye to find I had missed their semi-yearly sale, which is a good thing, really, I don’t need any more glass right now. But I did get the tool I needed to be able to make recycled glass beads in earnest, this is very exciting. I saved a Mexican glass Coke bottle from a drink DLJ had at a dinner out…I love the greeny clear color, and I cannot wait to see how beads look in that glass. Next week, next week, after the rodeo. Sunday I have to make beads, not work with prepping the recycled glass. It’s been just too freaking long.

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